Guest Post: Staying Organized vs. Becoming Bridezilla

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1.) Choose your Vendors wisely & Trust them. When looking for vendors, wedding review sites are great; however, I found that nothing compares to word of mouth…a positive review from previous client I know personally speaks volumes. So ask around! Then, once you choose vendors have a meeting (with those Pinterest pics!), so they can understand your vision but then, let them do their job! You chose the florist for a reason. They know how to make the centerpieces come to life with the flowers that are in season and will look best in the space you have. Let the experts be experts!

2.) Make sure you do your trials. I’m talking about hair, makeup, work out any potential wardrobe malfunctions, walking in those heels, ANYTHING that could make you feel uncomfortable the day of. One sure fire way to end up being a bridezilla the day of is to feel unprepared. Take photos of your hair and makeup trials to keep looking at until the big day. If you have any changes, make sure your stylists know about it BEFORE the big day.


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3.) Add those pesky payment dates into your Google calendar. When you sign the contracts with your vendors, make sure those most important dates are in a planner of some sort! I like Google calendar because it syncs to my phone and I don’t have to search for anything. This prevents surprises when bills are due. Surprise bills make Bridezillas appear! Planning makes happy brides…that are still just as broke. Ha!

4.) Delegate. And once you give someone a job, let them do it! Don’t try to take it back because you feel like you can do it better. My husband’s main job throughout the wedding process was planning the honeymoon. So I let him do it and surprise me. It ended up being wonderful, although I’m glad I knew nothing about the planning during the process! I would have known that my husband decided to wing a few of the stops we were making. Same with the tasks I gave to the groomsmen in setting up the church. I had no idea until months post-wedding that they had arrived late because when I got there, the church looked perfect. Not knowing kept my peace of mind on what really mattered that day!

5.) On the day of…start by meditating, thinking, or praying. I woke up 30 minutes early on my wedding day to purposefully take a walk by myself before anyone else was awake. It just got my mind centered and ready for the insanity of the day.


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Hopefully, you think about these few tips the next time you come close to hitting the ceiling and turning into that dreadful Bridezilla. Trust me, your bridesmaids, family, and sig other will thank you greatly for it.

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Lauren Pencek is a newlywed living with her husband on Capitol Hill since their wedding last fall. She is a blogger dedicated to nutrition, fitness, weddings, project management, and all around dining and entertainment in the DMV. Lauren is a NBA and NFL professional cheerleader alumna and spends her free time taking as many dance classes as possible and traveling to as many new places as possible! Follow her on Twitter @LaurOntheHill and at!


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