Guest Post: Traditional or Modern?

1.) The First Look: I really don’t like this one. It has become extremely popular due to the massive amounts of photos on Pinterest when the groom first sees the bride, but it’s just not the same as that look and feeling you get when the bride begins the walk down the aisle.  Doing a first look takes away some of the real anticipation in your photos. The groom gets to see you for the first time on the biggest day without the pressure of knowing “this is the big moment!” It just isn’t as satisfying to me. Yes, I know it means you can get as many photos as you would like without a serious time restriction, but it’s a tradition that I like. It’s so rewarding!


2.) Some of these DIY projects. DIY can be beautiful and much cheaper than buying some of the stuff outright. But sometimes (ahem MOST of the time) Pinterest can get the best of us. We end up finding this Mason jar with lace and ribbon and all other kind of craziness and just think it will be the perfect addition to our centerpiece. We find these chalkboards and photo albums, DIY invitation sets, lanterns, string lights, luminaries….need I go on??!
Reality Check: A week before the wedding, every DIY bride is up until 2am every day putting it all together. We end up buying way to much ribbon, lace, jars, and all this other junk to put in them and decorate them with, spending way too much money on all of it and then, the guests barely notice those small items anyway. So pick your DIY additions smartly. Actually compare the prices of the things that you are considering making yourself vs. buying off Etsy or another homemade shop.



3.) Doing EVERYTHING outside. I love a good outdoor wedding just like the next person, BUT. Realistically, let’s be honest, the weather more than likely not be entirely perfect. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it’s hot. It’s humid. It’s too cold. It’s windy. It’s buggy. It’s just so terribly unpredictable and can change the overall tone of your wedding instantly. The guests are dressed in their best and so are you, so you don’t need to fight the elements on your wedding day. Its unnecessary stress, so try to limit the time spent outside by doing an inside/outside cocktail hour or tented dance floor. That way you still get the feeling of being outdoors without having to go to bat against Mother Nature.



4.) Not wearing a white dress. Another one of my peeves. I’m okay if you want to do a more casual wedding and go with a tea length or shorter dress. It could even be a suit for all I care. But please, please, wear white. It’s about you, you, and you that day and no one else is wearing that color because of it. So own the fact that you may need a spray tan to pull it off, but you are wearing white. You don’t get to do it at another wedding. EVER. A few weeks ago on Say Yes, a bride was adamant about getting a black dress. You will regret it, so just don’t.


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So there you have it! How to modernize your wedding without losing too much tradition in the meantime.

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Lauren Pencek is a newlywed living with her husband on Capitol Hill since their wedding last fall. She is a blogger dedicated to nutrition, fitness, weddings, project management, and all around dining and entertainment in the DMV. Lauren is a NBA and NFL professional cheerleader alumna and spends her free time taking as many dance classes as possible and traveling to as many new places as possible! Follow her on Twitter @LaurOntheHill and at!



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