Guidelines for Writing a Great Wedding Invitation

A nicely written wedding invitation will effectively communicate the theme of your wedding. 

There are unending debates about the right way to write wedding invitations for different situations. Wording, etiquette and what to include or exclude are some of the inevitable considerations that have to be made in writing a perfect wedding invitation. Knowing what should guide your writing is the first step towards designing the best invitation – one that offers a reflection of your preparedness for the wedding day. Below some of the most important guidelines for writing a wedding invitation:


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1. Start early: Just like your wedding day, the wedding invitation is a one-time deal. As such, you need to make ample time to deliberate on the important things that form the invitation so that you can avoid mistakes. You also have to remember that after writing the invitations they’ll be shipped to your guests and probably be returned later. Having this flow of events in mind, you know you should write your invitation card for wedding as early as possible. You don’t want to rush the designing and printing of the cards or be caught up in a situation where you have to pay extra money to expedite shipping. Starting early also ensures that you also have sufficient time to find a good wedding stationery designer.

2. Consider the type of wedding: The type of wedding you are planning to have has a partial influence on the way you write the wedding invitation. A first-time wedding, for example, requires that you provide more information as compared to a second wedding. The invitation card for wedding will look different for the two occasions. For instance, in the case of a second wedding, you may decide to include the names of your children. In many cases, a first-time wedding invitation card is designed in a more formal way. Using a formal invitation template can help you save time when designing a first-time wedding invitation card. For a second-time wedding, however, you can relax the design to create a casual feel and look.


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Tradition and religion also determine how the invitation for wedding looks like. An American wedding invitation card is different from an Indian one and the same applies to Jewish and Christian wedding invitations. Every tradition or religion has its unique way of writing wedding invitations and it necessary for one to understand the orientation to follow when writing a particular wedding card. In your research, you can contact a person who offers college essay writing service to provide you with all the information and assistance you need to make a great wedding invitation.

3. Wedding invitation wording: While there are some components of wedding invitation cards that must be included, other information can be provided at your discretion. Obviously, the names of the hosts’ names, couple’s first name and surname, the location, date and time of the wedding, a reply date and address are mandatory. Other information needs to be clarified. Who is hosting the party – bride and groom or the parents? Are guests welcome to the ceremony or the reception or both? Can the guests come with an additional person? Is there a dress code that you prefer? You can look use sample wedding invitation wording to customize your wedding invitation cards and include all the necessary information.

Many couples are caught in a dilemma when deciding whether or not to make it clear on the invitation if children are permitted to the wedding. Generally, it’s not good wedding invitation etiquette to include this information on the invitation. Rather, you should write it on the outside of the inner envelope.


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4. Indicating the deadline for RSVPs: RSVPs enable you to have a better understanding of your wedding. With the replies you can make a list of the attendants and the seating chart as well as budget properly for the big day. The return address is normally written on the back flap of the envelope. Alternatively, you can include an RSVP envelope with the address printed and postage provided. If you have a deadline for the reply, clearly indicate at the bottom of the invitation. The deadline should be two to four weeks before the day of the wedding.


The importance of research before writing the invitation cannot be overstated. You need to gather information especially on the formats permitted by your tradition and religion. Also, have in mind that all your plans including writing the invitations are under a definite budget. You don’t want to use the money intended for food on designing invitation cards.

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