How Not To Be Left Standing at the Altar

The best part is, it’s wonderful and that is what makes the couple so happy and comfortable about bringing in a new chapter of their life to start. For your wedding, book a cruise. 


Its Way Cheaper Than You Think


Cruise weddings are not that expensive if compared to booking large halls, and the value that you get for doing things a bit differently is amazing. Also, walking down the aisle on a cruise is extremely extravagant; the bill, not so much.


Its Two Things in One


While you may have always dreamed of going on a vacation with your special one, turns out that you sort of are, and that too in the middle of your wedding. What could be cooler than that?



Not Much Planning on Your Part


When you are planning a wedding in a faraway location, it is extremely stressful. You have to plan how you will transition from the wedding to the reception party, how everyone would get there, and then there are the arrangements. Usually cruises take care of everything for you.


Most cruise lines have an in-house wedding planner who takes care of the cake, the florist, and the photographer. Since they know how the cruise is like, they make sure they help you choose something that will go ideally with the setting of a cruise ship wedding.


Its Super Romantic


When you are reading out your vows on a cruise, you have your ceremony conducted by either the captain or someone you specially get for it. The best part is that your entire family is there; for guests, it’s like witnessing a wedding they have never been to before.


It’s Great for Small Affairs


You can bring a big list of guests with you, but the best part is that if your list is short, it would look perfect on a cruise. There are packages that will fit your budget and the scenery makes up for the small group you have, instead of simply getting married in Vegas because you don’t want to invite too many people. Here is your chance to keep things quaint.


Customize as You Like


Just because you are offered packages, it doesn’t mean that anyone can stop you from adding personal touches to your special day. In fact, you should totally get to make this day unique. The packages are only designed for your convenience, not limitation. 


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