How to Bustle a Wedding Dress with Ribbon Ties

After you walk down the aisle with your full train on display, stroll into your reception with ribbons enhancing your bustle. Be prepared for oohs and ahhs from your guests since it’s unlikely they will have seen anything like it before.

Incorporating Color


Nowadays, anything goes and color is okay in a wedding dress, but if you’re not ready to embrace a full-on red wedding dress — or green or purple or tie-dye — then you can use crisp bright ribbons when bustling your wedding dress.


The choices are almost endless. You can incorporate your wedding colors, your school colors, your favorite colors, or any combination. You can add a lot of color or just a touch. You can even tie the ribbons into a dramatic bow. The choice is yours.




If you prefer a more traditional look, remember that ribbon comes in all shades of white, ecru, and ivory. Even if the ribbon doesn’t add a pop of color, it can add interest to the bustle. Consider using something made of lace or linen or another interesting texture, and you’ll instantly create a bit of variation. You can make sure the ribbon is tied up or laced into the bustle or you can let some ribbon ends remain loose to give the illusion of a flowing train.


Added Security


Most wedding dress trains are bustled with buttons or hooks. You can add ribbon ties as decorations, but you can also use them as extra security. If you’re a vigorous dancer or just worried that a button or two might fail, then the ribbon ties will put your mind at ease that your bustle will stay attached. Consider it a decorative insurance policy against any bustle failure.

How-To Videos 

You’ll find plenty of videos online that demonstrate how to tie a bustle. Make sure your bridesmaids and other helpers watch a couple of these. In fact, why not host a practice party so that you’re sure everyone knows how to tie ribbons into a bustle ahead of time? You don’t want to leave this until the wedding day.


As an added safe-guard, have someone take a photo of how the bustle should look at the end. In the unlikely event that your bridesmaid suffers amnesia between the training session and the wedding day, you’ll be able to show her the photo to jog her memory.


Minding the Ribbon


Make sure that you keep the bustle ribbon with the dress so it doesn’t get lost. Store the ribbon in a ziplock bag and safety pin it to the garment bag. It’s always a good idea to have one bridesmaid or friend in charge of the dress and accessories, and that will include the ribbon.




Everyone has a wedding budget. You may need to compromise on your wedding dress, shoes, or veil, but you can always add a little oomph by using ribbons, and you should be able to stay in budget if you comparison shop and check out online ribbon supply or crafting stores.

Your Day


Once you have the perfect ribbon and you’ve watched the how-to videos and you’ve had at least one practice session, you’ll be all set to enjoy your day as a bride in a dress that is bustled to reflect your personality. Make sure the photographer gets some photos that show off your ribbon handiwork because you’re going to want a memento of that special touch.


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Roy Cunningham is a Los Angeles based writer who blogs on all sorts of topics, but has a particular interest in using crafts to add personality to a wedding. He’s also an avid hiker, coffee drinker, and dog rescuer.



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