How to Spice Up Traditional Recipes for Your Wedding

Here are five suggestions to spice up wedding day fare:

Forget The Fork

Whether the reception is a sit down affair or more of a cocktail event, offer food that doesn’t require utensils. From meatballs or bacon wrapped potatoes served on skewers to goat cheese stuffed mushrooms, guests don’t need to bother with knives or forks to enjoy the food — instead they can focus on socializing.
Serving food that doesn’t require utensils, will almost limit clean up for the reception staff and allow the events to move seamlessly along.

Kids Food

There is a kid in all of us, so why not embrace our inner child with food at a wedding? I’m not suggesting a food fight, rather, infuse some playfulness in the nuptial’s menu with familiar foods from when childhood days. These can include Macaroni and Cheese or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

The trick is to serve these dishes with an elegant presentation — creating a delicious juxtaposition of kids’ food with the important adult life event.
These delicious and familiar morsels will help create a relaxed atmosphere for all those in attendance and avoid stuffiness.

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Spin Cultural Foods

You don’t need to play it safe by serving the standard meat and potatoes at a wedding reception. Instead take the guests on a culinary adventure through the reception food.
You can offer an old-fashioned Irish dish, a traditional Amish recipe or a savory East Indian favorite — really the options are endless from around the globe.  Side stepping conventional wedding food can be a bold move but it can enrich the experience for the guests and couple. Especially, if the food is tied to a trip and location that is special to the newlyweds, it can offer a direct tie to the couple and showcase the uniqueness of their relationship.
Plus it will make the event stand out and remain a memorable night.


Allow wedding guests to pick and choose what they want to nosh on with a do-it-yourself serving style. This buffet approach will make sure everyone in attendance gets want they want and can discretely avoid their dislikes.
The spread of food also creates a tasty focal point in the reception hall.

You can create a DIY station for any part of the meal, from a make-your-own-cocktail station, to a main course buffet or dessert table with jars full of candy.
Not only do these types of self-serve menus allow guests to tailor their meal to their preferred flavor palates to increase their satisfaction with the food and the entire event but such food stations also create hubs. The stations allow wedding guests to interact with one another and create a natural icebreaker for people from different sides of the family and areas of the couple’s lives.

Shrink It

Don’t super-size wedding menu items, shrink them. I am not suggesting offering a miniscule amount of food to guests, you definitely want to ensure there is ample food.  What I suggest is providing the abundant amount of food in bite-sized morsels. Menu items can include sliders for main course fare or mini-pies aka tartlets for desserts.  This allows guests the option and opportunity to taste and appreciate all on offer. They can enjoy various tastes and flavors at the reception, without filling up on one, single item.

Food is a big part of any party, including a wedding. Like any special event, the hosts want the occasion to be cohesive in theme and presentation but exude their personality. It’s the details of a get-together that create the distinct character of the event — food one such detail.  Definitely, don’t feel compelled to abide by tradition when it comes to fashioning the menu, instead allow the couple’s individual and shared preferences and experiences to inform the food choices. It will bring the event to life, help the guests to better connect with the pair, interact with other guests and simple relax and have fun.

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