How to Survive Bridal Planning During the Craziest Time of Year

Don’t worry, because you can survive this crazy season. With careful planning and delegation, you can rock out many of the details of your wedding and cater to your visiting soon-to-be in-laws in the upcoming months. Here are four key points that will help to keep you sane.

Make a Checklist

This should seem obvious for a bride who’s planning at any time of year, but it’s especially important now. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for wedding planner sites such as Wedding Wire or The Knot. They have helpful lists and links to vendors to get you started. Though your wedding will undoubtedly be a reflection of you and your tastes, scouting out vendors and choosing your theme or colors are things that most couples need to keep on their checklist.

You can never be too prepared, and keeping a checklist of party planning essentials will help to keep your head on straight. Once you have your essentials listed — choosing vendors, writing your guest list, budgeting — check with married friends and family for their own suggestions on important things they did and what timeline they kept that helped to keep them sane during the planning process.

Set Timelines

Assign due dates for items on your checklist. Make sure you’re diligent with meeting these deadlines but also spreading out the work so you’re not too overwhelmed. Start by scheduling your most important to-do items first and follow up with the smaller items later. This will help you to keep momentum throughout the season and into the homestretch towards your wedding date.

Remember, many vendors and event planners may be busy during the holidays. DJ’s, caterers and photographers are often busy from Thanksgiving through New Year’s so don’t be surprised if they don’t respond right away during that time. Reach out to them now so that you’re at least in their books.  



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Utilize Your Bridal Party

Your dream team is exactly that — a team. You may be their captain, but you’ll be nowhere without their help and support. Being part of a bridal party is more than just showing up the day of the wedding, and they understand that. Think about each person’s individual strengths and ask for their help in tasks you know they can handle.

Go through your checklist and find one or two tasks you can delegate to each of them during the holidays. This could be as simple as picking up a few wedding magazines for some decoration inspiration, or as involved as preparing a spreadsheet of venue possibilities with max guest counts and financial details included.

Make sure you don’t overload one person with too many jobs. Don’t forget, they’re probably also going crazy during the holidays and have their own plans. Communication will be key here, and so make sure they know you plan to ask for their help in a task instead of springing it on them unexpectedly with a next day due date.

Take Advantage of Holiday Sales

Your wedding may be in spring or summer of next year, but there are plenty of things you can purchase now that may be affected by huge holiday sales. Gifts for your wedding party or parents will be easy to grab now instead of panicking later should you forget a couple of weeks before the ceremony.

If you’re a DIY couple looking to make gorgeous decorations, your local crafts store may still have seasonal items that could be further discounted by Black Friday sales. Or, if you’re planning on bringing your own lights to set the mood during your reception, plan on using the post-holiday sale to purchase leftover lights at an extraordinary discount. White Christmas lights may feel perfect for snow-covered rooftops, but they’re just as gorgeous in the summer around the inside of an event tent!

Bonus Advice

Don’t sweat it. Everyone knows and expects that you’re up to your ears in wedding plans. Be open and honest about what you need and when you need it, but don’t forget that things might not happen right away during the holiday season.

Your special day is about you, your fiancé, your friends and families coming together and celebrating the love in your union. And yes, it takes a ton of planning to pull that kind of celebration off, but in the end everyone will remember the fun times and joy felt that day.

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