Love Story Video Contest – Meet the Top 3 Finalists!


Lacy and Nick


Nick and I met while I was studying abroad for a semester in New Zealand back in the spring of 2012. Our paths crossed my very first night in New Zealand at a local club. We became friends early on and neither of us expected our friendship to turn into anything more. However, about a month before my semester was over and I had to return home to the States, our friendship grew to a more serious level. We went on our first date two weeks before my departure and I knew I had found someone really special. Those last couple of weeks were some of the best yet some of the most difficult because I knew I was leaving New Zealand soon and we would be 10,000 miles apart. Nick and I had discussed making our relationship official and although we would have to deal with the distance, and many other factors that we later discovered, we decided to give it a shot. I will never forget what Nick said to me. He said, “It’s better to have loved than lost, than to not have loved at all.” Right then I knew we could and would make “us” work. For a year and a half we tackled the long distance and 16-18 hour time difference by talking/seeing each other as much as possible through countless Skype hours, phone calls, texts, e-mails, packages, and a few visits in between.

Our Engagement:

In February of 2014, I made my third trip back to New Zealand. Our love, trust, patience, faith, and sacrifices allowed our relationship to flourish. We were defying all odds in that everything meant to tear us apart made us all stronger. Much to my unknown, while at the airport waiting for my plane to land, Nick was on the phone with my father asking him for my hand in marriage. On Valentine’s Day, Nick took me to the small beach town of Raglan for a picnic dinner. Raglan is one of our favorite places and holds many memories from when I was in New Zealand for study. With the beach to ourselves, except for a few locals taking a sunset ride on horseback, we sat high up on a sand dune and watched the waves as the beautiful New Zealand sky changed colors. That’s when it happened; Nick got down on one knee and proposed. Without any hesitation, I said Yes! I could not have asked for a more romantic and meaningful proposal. Fast forward a few months to July 13, 2014 – we got married. Our ceremony was in my backyard with only my immediate family in attendance. Three days later, Nick had to return home to New Zealand where he currently resides until he receives his visa enabling him to move to the States. We want to have a formal wedding with both of our family and friends in attendance once we are on the same continent and can plan our dream wedding together.

How we would use this video:

We would use this video as a means to show our friends and family our love story. Because most of our relationship has been long distance, our friends and family do not see our relationship like we do. I would love to show this video at our formal wedding as well as to our children and grandchildren someday. I think our story is a true testament in showing that anything is possible and true love never fails, even when faced with challenging circumstances. We hope that our story will be an inspiration to all couples. Most importantly, this video will be used as a celebration for when Nick receives his visa and we can finally be together! Capturing that special time in our lives through a video would mean so much to us considering all we have been through these last few years.

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Hope and Patrick


Image Credit:  Tyler Lyons Photography

Patrick and I met in high school. We went on a semi blind date to his senior prom! This past February, I flew out to Oklahoma City for my best friends engagement party and was very upset that Patrick was unable to make it due to work (so he said). My two girlfriends and I spent the day before her party pampering ourselves. We went and got our hair and makeup done, and all dressed up to have a girls night out in OKC. When we arrived at the bar, my friend Gabrielle insisted I see the OKC skyline. That it would take my breath away. We walked up to the rooftop and there were rose petals all over the floor, candles lit, and when I reached the balcony Patrick was standing there waiting for me. In complete shock my voice screeched higher than I ever thought possible because I knew at that moment what was going to happen next. Patrick greeted me with a “What’s up” (which we still laugh about today) and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I can’t imagine anything more perfect than that moment until I greet him at the end of the aisle next May. And I still can’t believe that through all of that planning and coordinating he did with all of my friends and family that I had absolutely no idea that it was coming! It was the biggest and best surprise of my life.

We would love to use this video to be played for all of our closest family and friends to see during our wedding reception. We could take a walk down memory lane to show off our love for one another! Most importantly, we would love to have this video as a forever keepsake that we will hold so close to our hearts. Every year on our Anniversary or any other day we choose we can relive it all with such a wonderful keepsake to capture and revisit one of the most important times in our lives.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! 🙂

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 Photo Credit:  Kimberly D.



Candra and Alhaji

Jallohs Engagement Picture 1

Candra: Our love story began 5 years ago when we met for the first time at church.
Haj: She said she first saw me at a singles encouragement party within the church.
Candra: From that point on we were somewhat casual friends. We spoke here and there, added each other as Facebook friends.
Haj: We had our occasional “happy birthday” post and my excuse for more conversation.
Candra: We followed the standard “friendship steps”
Haj: In 2011, we went on our first date
Candra: Sparks didn’t exactly fly
Haj: She wasn’t feeling me
Candra: It was mostly because of timing
Haj: We were far apart with our mindsets at the time
Candra: But, we spoke off and on for a while after that
Haj: I was hurt just a little
Candra: Then eventually the texts died down and we did not speak as much
Haj: We both had to gain our life experiences through God and learn what we needed to learn
Candra: He went and dated someone else
Haj: God was educating me on how to love her when that time came
Candra: Through the next few years we experienced different transitions in both of our lives, which developed us and matured us for our second “first” date on September 21st, 2013.
Haj: I took her to my favorite restaurant for dinner and to a basketball game
Candra: Yes, I loved the food and enjoy basketball
Haj: The two things we both enjoy
Candra: Yes!
Haj: This is where the Love and Basketball begins
Candra: We were ready, and the timing was perfect.
Haj: I first told her I liked her and was very interested, in December. I also told her I didn’t expect her to feel or say it back, but I just wanted to express my emotions. And she said…
Candra: ‘Well since you said I don’t have to say it back and no expectations…I’m not going to say nothing’
Haj: (My inner thoughts) ‘Please Say it, Please say it!’
Candra: We went on a couple of encouragement dates for a few more months
Haj: Like Every Weekend.
Candra: He was ok to be around. (Looking at Haj and smiling) I enjoyed his company!
Haj: She was feeling me. (Singing) O, I THINK SHE LIKE ME!
Candra: And On March 15th…
Haj: 2014, on her birthday
Candra: We had a brunch date.
Haj: I took her through a scavenger hunt
Candra: ‘O My Goodness, what’s about to happen?’
Haj: She followed all the hints that led her to a surprising brunch with her parents, sister, mentor
and two roommates.
Candra: We made it official.
Haj: I gave her a cake that read “Happy Birthday! Be My Girlfriend?”
Candra: We were boyfriend and girlfriend! Over the next 6 months we just had fun, enjoying our
Haj: Practicing purity and putting God first in our relationship
Candra: Growing both together and individually: Spiritually, mentally and physically.
Haj: From 5k races…
Candra: To visiting family and friends in different states,
Haj: Some tears
Candra: And a lot of happiness led us to September 13th, 2014: The day that Alhaji Jalloh asked me to be his wife, forever. And I said YES!
Haj: It was supposed to be a fight party that we were going to…
Candra: I got to our friends house and all these cars were there and we couldn’t even park close, we had to find a spot down the street.
Haj: I invited all our close friends and family for a dinner party
Candra: I didn’t know anything about it
Haj: Of course you didn’t
Candra: I walked in and saw all these familiar faces
Haj: I escorted her to the front
Candra: I saw my parents and his mom
Haj: I think she knew that something was about to happen
Candra: I was getting emotional, and then he held my hands and said…
“Our Garden of Love” (A poem for Candra by Haj) The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2 :15, 18 NIV) In a garden of love, where angels grow… You’re the love that I’ve never known You’re the rose that I’ve never seen You’re the one that God has shown You’re the the flower that got me dreaming You’re the sun that keep me shinning longer You’re a gift through Christ and our Father Candra Danae Scott, can we do life together? Please, be my wife forever? That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. (Genesis 2 :24 NIV)
It is a dream come true to be at this point and we are so excited for this next chapter in our love story.
This video can be used in so many different ways! It all depends on the timing of it being created. We imagine it being shown during our reception, on a projection screen.
We can also see this video being shown during our rehearsal dinner, sharing our love story with some of our closest family and friends.
We imagine watching this video over and over again for anniversaries, our kids, and the list goes on and on! Thank you so much for this opportunity, we cannot wait to see what beautiful video is created! 

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Jallohs Engagement Picture 2








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