Making the Most of “Magic Hour” for Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos will be cherished for life.  A beautiful gown, the perfect venue, flawless hair and makeup – these are things you can (sort of) control.  The environment is a different story!  One of the most important factors for beautiful photography is good lighting.  A professional photographer will make sure that they consider this factor when planning and executing your photography package.

The “Magic Hour” is a time when the natural light is the most flattering – also known as the “golden hour”.  This is typically the first hour of light after sunrise and the last light of hour before sunset.  Find out when magic hour will be on your wedding date here:


As the sun sits lower in the sky, the light is closer to the subject, and the effect that is produced provides a soft glow.  This glow prevents harsh shadows and allows all details to be captured beautifully.

magic hour 2

Talk to your photographer about utilizing nature’s beauty to produce incredible photos for your wedding!

Photos via Pinterest

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