One Family One Year Three Weddings…Meet The Lynams

Melissa shares with Wedding411:

Meet The Lynams.  There is Kevin Lynam who is engaged to Jackie Clark and Sarah Lynam who is engaged to Adam Shaub and Colleen Lynam who is engaged to Matthew Dinunno.  Yup, you read that right – 3 siblings – 3 engagements – and now 3 weddings, that will all take place THIS year and we are lucky enough to be a part of them all.


When Ms. Lynam, mother of the bride x 2 and mother of the groom called us to inquire about catering services, we were tickled about the fact that she had 3 children getting wed in the same year.  It was so unique and so memorable that we couldn’t help but get goosebumps at the thought of being a part of this year long celebration, honoring the love and unity of 3 of her children in marriage.


Although all three couples will have several things in common – the wedding year, many mutual guests, and of course their caterer 😉 – each of their big day’s will be very different, from venue selections, to time of year and color schemes.


The first two to say “I Do” will be Sarah & Adam.  


Sarah & Adam, Wedding Date 02/25/17

Venue: 2640 Space, Baltimore


sarah adam

Photos courtesy of Alicia Wiley Photography


Sarah and Adam met at a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Canton (Baltimore) almost 4 years ago, after dating for 3 years, Adam popped the question nearby where they met.  The two have planned a February wedding, with “kind of a winter woods theme – some natural elements with seasonal inspiration from evergreens” said the couple.  A perfect compliment to their color palette of green, silver and metallic tones (Sarah’s favorite color is green!)


They have decided on 2640 Space for their ceremony and reception, wanting something “intimate with interesting architectural features and history. Baltimore has been home to us for several years and we wanted to find a place that reflected what we love here – nestled in a gorgeous neighborhood with a long history, sentimental but not overly so and allows us to have fun with our vision of the big day.” 


sarah adam 2

sarah adam 3

sarah adam 4


When we asked Sarah what it was like getting married the same year as two of her siblings she said, “it’s been great because it has made sharing ideas (and decor items!) between weddings so much easier. Having all the extra help from my siblings and future in-laws in the same circumstances as Adam and I has been wonderful.”


“There will be a few items shared between all weddings as a subtle way to commemorate us all getting married the same year that will be used in different ways.  I think we’ve all agreed on keeping things on the more low-key side and to focus on just having a good time with our families.” 


Colleen & Matthew, Wedding Date 07/15/17

Venue: La Banque at Seaplane Base


colleen matt 2 


Colleen and Matthew met in 2011 through his sister, Elizabeth, at a family Halloween party.  Over the next couple of years they ran into each at various outings and events and in 2013 Matthew asked Colleen out for dinner and drinks.  Shortly after, they became a couple and a little over a year later they bought a house together in Federal Hill.  The couple got engaged right at home – a sweet, simple engagement that let them revel in the moment.  Home is where the heart is after all.


These two lovebirds are planning a summer wedding, they are getting married at La Banque at Seaplane Base in Havre de Grace, Maryland.   “It felt like us, we both love the beach, so being that the venue it right on the water, we felt comfort in that,” the couple said.


Summer is more then just the season Colleen and Matthew’s wedding will take place in, it is also part of their theme.  “The bridesmaids will likely wear a blush color and the flowers are a mixture of pinks, orange, with hints of a deep red.”  Décor will be kept at a minimal to let guests bask in the natural beauty surrounding the venue.


colleen matt 

colleen matt 3 

colleen matt ring 4


When we asked Colleen what it was like getting married the same year as two of her siblings she said,  “It’s been fun. Growing up we were close as siblings, but as we’ve gotten older, life has gotten in the way of spending time with one another. Getting married in the same year has brought us together, we are communicating on a CONSTANT basis. Our family couldn’t be happier for all of us.”


Jackie & Kevin, Wedding Date 11/04/17

Venue: Bulle Rock


 jackie kevin 2 

Photos courtesy of Joann Sanders Light Work Photography

Jackie’s cousin Jenni introduced her to Kevin at a local Bel Air hot spot in the winter of 2012, the two danced the night away and 4 years later Kevin proposed at Cape Henlopen State park in Lewes, Delaware.   They were at Herring Point overlooking the ocean with their dog Casper. 


Jackie and Kevin will be tying the knot this fall, with a rustic classy wedding at Bulle Rock in Havre de Grace.  “There are views of the bay in the distance with a wonderful landscape around that will look amazing in the fall.  The inside of the venue is so well put together that we felt we wouldn’t have to do too much to decorate the space,”  the couple said.  They are looking at keeping true to the season with a fall color palette of navy, burgundy and orange.


jackie kevin

jackie keving ring 5 

jackie kevin beach proposal




When we asked Kevin what it was like getting married the same year as two of his siblings he said .  “At first it was overwhelming when you actually thought about it, but it has been so exciting and wonderful to share all of our plans and ideas with each other. Most people are in shock when they hear all three couples are getting married in the same year. Everyone seems to think we must all be going crazy trying to plan everything, but because we have been working together, so far it’s been pretty calm.” 


Oh my LOVE!…2017 is sure to be one of, if not the most memorable years in the Lynam family’s lifetime.  Talk about wedding legacy.  Stay tuned for follow-up posts after each couple’s wedding day.  Here’s to February 25th, July 15th and November 4th of this year!


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