Online Exclusive: Playing Around

The type of games you choose to play can depend on where you are holding your reception.  Outdoor venues can accommodate larger games that include physical activities (i.e. throwing darts, etc.)  Indoor venues require something a bit more subdued, or at least less messy than our third idea (see below!)

For outdoor receptions, popular yard games like bean bag toss, ladder ball, and even life-sized Jenga are popping up more and more. These items can be rented, purchased or even built. (Life sized Jenga can be built out of measured and cut 4×4 posts, easily found at any home improvement center.)


Creating fun mad-libs to place on your tables is a fun, easy game for your guests, doesn’t disrupt the flow of music, dancing, and events. These can be easily created on your home computer, custom made by your invitation dealer, or bought through an Etsy shop.

wed libs

An interesting and unique idea brings out the artistic side of your guests. Fill balloons with paint and attach them to a giant canvas. Give guests a dart and let them pop those balloons, creating an abstract painting!



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