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Paulette Campanella is a licensed, Public Adjuster in the state of Maryland. She does not sell insurance of any kind; instead, her role is to serve as an advocate for homeowners, working first to assure they understand what really is, as well as what really is not, included in their insurance policies. Her ultimate goal: help each client assure they get what they are entitled to from their insurance company, if and when the time comes to file a claim. For Wedding411 readers who already own a home, or intend to buy one sometime soon after tying the knot, Paulette offers some basic, good-to-know guidance and information:

Q: Why should someone consider hiring a Public Adjuster?
A: Most people really don’t know what is in their homeowner’s insurance policies in terms of coverage. We help these people understand their policies and provide recommendations for changes or additions that make sense. The suggestions might add $50 to $100 per year to the total policy premium, but will provide a significantly higher level of coverage that will protect that homeowner.

Q: Why wouldn’t I just work with the adjuster that my insurance company assigns, in the event that I need to file a claim?
A: My role is to serve as the “middle man” between the homeowner and the insurance company. I “speak the same language” as the insurance company, which empowers me to negotiate on behalf of my client. I ask the right questions, facilitate the right conversations and am there to assure the homeowner actually gets what they are entitled to in terms of coverage and compensation.

Q: Is wedding jewelry typically covered in a homeowner’s insurance policy?
A: Most policies will include a limited amount of coverage for the homeowner’s assets. For valuable assets such as wedding rings, I typically suggest an endorsement to the policy. If your engagement ring cost $5,000, you want to make sure that you could receive reimbursement for that amount. You don’t want to wait until your ring is lost or stolen to learn that your insurance coverage for that piece of jewelry may only be $500.

Q: How can I assure that everything I own is actually accounted for in my policy?
A: Sit in your living room and see if you can name every single item in your kitchen. Most people will fail to list about 50 percent of what they actually own. It’s a good idea for homeowners to create an itemized list of everything in their homes. Some people even opt to take photos of their more valuable items; say a mahogany coffee table and submit them to their insurance companies for record-keeping purposes. It helps prove your assets and will make it easier to file an accurate claim, if and when you need to.


To be best prepared, schedule a complimentary policy review or home inspection appointment with Paulette by contacting her directly at 410-357-4626 or via email at



By: Tracy M. Fitzgerald 



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