Registry Essentials: Dining Room Edition








• Large serving platters
• Salad bowl with tongs
• Serving dishes or bowls
• Serving utensils (spoons, serving fork)
• 8-12 place settings; dinner plate, salad/dessert plates, bread plates, bowls
• Cups and saucers Silverware (forks, knives, spoons)
• Steak knives
• Cake stand or platter

• Tablecloth
• Cloth napkins
• Placemats

• Cocktail shaker
• Jigger/muddler/strainer (often these can be found in a set)
• Corkscrew
• Ice bucket
• Glass pitcher
• Basic glassware: short glasses, tall glasses, stemware
• Specialty glassware: martini, margarita, beer steins, flutes, shot glasses, decanters

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