Relieve Wedding Stress with Healthy Snacks

Certain foods, alongside healthy snack options, can work together in order to rebalance our brain chemistry, and allow us to achieve better all-around physical health. Be careful not to let wedding prep get you down and take the necessary steps to ease the stress. Here are a bunch of quick and easy snack options to get you back on your feet and ready to celebrate!

Dark Leafy Greens
The darker the better in this case. Greens like these are packed full of vitamins and minerals. Spinach, for example, is rich in folate which helps promote serotonin and dopamine production in the brain. This regulates mood and leaves you feeling content and positive. Spinach is incredibly versatile as well. Try it in salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta, and smoothies.


Not only do most nuts contain beneficial amounts of protein and healthy fats, but they’re loaded with vitamins and minerals as well. Vitamin B is especially prevalent in a variety of nuts, specifically hazelnuts. These little guys are full of vitamins B1 and B9 folic acid. Deficiencies in folic acid can cause depression, fatigue, and stress, so be sure to reach for a handful of these a day.


Reaching for fruit rich in vitamin C will help you reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body and even lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that diets rich in vitamin C also reduce the effect any cortisol in the body has on mood. Oranges are of course one of the best options. Shoot for a whole orange or a small glass of freshly-squeezed juice without any added sugar or sweeteners.


Containing nearly 20 healthy nutrients, avocados have proven to be beneficial and are becoming more and more of a staple. The monounsaturated fat and potassium will lower blood pressure levels and they even work to regulate blood sugar, which can balance your mood when feeling stressed.


Dark Chocolate
Yes, you read that right. Dark chocolate is not only a healthy sweet treat that can make you happier in the moment, but it also contains complex compounds that have shown to temporarily block feelings of pain and depression. It lowers cortisol levels and has chemicals that prolong the “feel-good” aspects. Go ahead, indulge!

Dark Chocolate

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