Setting the Scene: The Perfect Entertainment for Your Perfect Day

Finding ways to keep them entertained may feel just as scary as the rest of the wedding planning, but luckily there are a few things you can consider that are easy to add to your perfect day and are able to work with any budget or location!

Rent a Photo Booth

A lot of your guests have cell phones, so you can be sure that they’ll take a ton of pics of you and your new spouse. While it’s nice to play photographer, sometimes it’s just as much fun to be the one photographed. Having a photo booth allows your guests to put down their phone for a moment and be a little silly. Plus, they get to take a memento home with them once their photo prints out moments later!

Photo booths are very popular these days, and many photographers or DJ’s have them available as add-ons to their packages. Depending on your budget and the space available at a venue, there are a few photo booth options to consider. Would you rather a pro photographer take all the photos, or have it be completely automated? Do you want an enclosed box, like you would see at a mall? Or would you rather have a fancy backdrop or props customized to fit your wedding theme? These are all questions that vendors can help you answer while you shop for different booths, but they’re important to think about beforehand.

Hire Live Musicians

Whether you are looking for a classy entrance down the aisle or a reason for your guests to shake, rattle and roll onto the dance floor, live musicians are a great addition to any wedding. Even if you’re planning on having a DJ at your reception, a live band or even a classical soloist can turn up the “wow” factor of your wedding.

Before you book any live musicians, first make sure your venue(s) are able to host them or if there are any stipulations about the kind of music that can be played. Religious venues may not be the best place for a rock band — plus, your guests’ ears may be ringing before you even cut the cake — and very windy ceremony venues may not be best for musicians who rely on sheet music or whose instruments are a little quieter.

Once you figure out what works best for your venues, you can find musicians that represent your personal taste in music. Professional event musicians that fit your style are easy to find and often times they perform at a variety of events, so you may be able to see them in action before your wedding without crashing someone else’s.


Set up Some Games

Most of your guests will probably know each other, but you may need an ice-breaker for those who have never met. Games that are fun for the whole family are the perfect way to bring your guests together and keep them entertained all night long. Best of all, incorporating games will be easy on your wallet, no matter your budget!

If your reception is outside, consider setting up a few lawn games. Cornhole boards are relatively easy to make, though there are companies that can customize it with graphics or your names to really fit your theme. Old time favorites such as croquet, bocce ball and badminton will be classic games for any generation. Or, if you clear out a nice level area, have your guests try their luck with a giant Jenga set!

Should the weather not cooperate with your reception plans or if you’ve decided to stay warm indoors, there are plenty of other games you can choose from. Setting out bingo cards at each table will harbor a little friendly competition between guests, and ad libs about the two of you will leave you laughing long after the reception is over.

When the day is over and the lights start to fade, your wedding will be something you want to remember for years to come. Make it something that will also be memorable to your guests, who are the people who helped shape the person you’ve grown to be and the relationship you have with your spouse. By giving them a celebration full of fun and laughter, they’ll always look back at your perfect day in fondness and towards your bright future with hope and happiness. 

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