Show Us!: Your Favorite Wedding Photos-Maureen and Jeff Ambrose

These photos come to Wedding411 from Maureen and Jeff Ambrose, who were married on June 26, 2009 at Hill House Manor in Parkton, MD.  Happy 5th Anniversary from Wedding411!






We asked why these photos are so special to Maureen:

“This photo (above) is one of my favorites from our wedding. I love the light coming through the trees and the sense of movement from the whole group, it feels like a really natural photo!”  




We’d love to feature your photos on our blog…and the top submissions will be featured in our magazine! Send your photos to along with your name, your wedding date, and a brief description of why this photo is so special to you. Please be sure to include the name of your photographer so we can credit their image.

For more information, see our original blog post: 

Photo Credit:  Artemas Mott



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