Simple Beauty Hacks For Your Wedding Day

The saying goes that a wedding is all about the bride, and while that is in a sense true, it’s really all about planning. A wedding is nothing without expert planning behind it, whether you hire someone who plans events professionally or do it yourself with help from family and friends.

There are tons of guides online to help you if you’re on your own while you plan your wedding. It’s no longer impossible to do it yourself! You’ll find lists of things you have to plan for (seating and catering being some important examples), but some key features of weddings don’t make it onto any lists. One of these is your big look for your big day.

Hair, makeup, clothing, it can all go wrong in the blink of an eye. Thankfully will a few quick tips, you can save yourself a lot of last minute stress and heartache by practicing some simple beauty hacks to guarantee that you have everything under control.

Don’t Do Anything You Wouldn’t Do

Some women dream about going to the salon to get their hair, makeup and nails done for their wedding. This allows them to experience a once in a lifetime hair style or makeover, which adds to the fun of the whole experience. It can also help with stress relief!

The problem of visiting your dream salon is that if something goes wrong, you may not be able to fix it in time to walk down the aisle. Imagine getting your hair done up with rhinestones and braids, your nails painted with artistic designs, and then you hit your hair on the top of the car getting in to go to your ceremony, or you chip part of your nail polish off. You might not be able to replicate it, which means a longer fix that postpones the whole day.

When choosing how to glam up for your wedding, think about the odds of you having an accident that ruins the look of whatever you get done. Will you be able to swipe a bit of polish or bobby pin it back together? If not, work with your beauty expert to find something that doesn’t have risks that come along with maintaining your look.


DIY Teeth Whitener

Planning a wedding take so much time and energy that you’ve probably found yourself drinking more coffee or soda than usual. No one will blame you for needing some extra caffeine, but your teeth may not look at shiny white as you always wanted them to be for wedding pictures.

There’s no need to go out and spend money on an expensive laser procedure or give up because whitening strips would need more time than you have. Go home and mix up some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and you’ll have an easy and cheap way to make sure your pearly whites stay just that way.

Blend Away Makeup Smudges

The new trend going around is to contour your face whenever you’re heading out for a big event, so if you’re getting your makeup professionally done for your wedding, odds are you’re going to have more bronzer, highlighter and foundation on than usual. Once it’s on, you’ll be nervous to touch your face, so what happens if you accidently wipe away some of that makeup in the emotions of the day?

Before your wedding arrives, go out and buy some sheer loose powder to easily blend any discoloration or imperfection in your skin. It won’t clog your pores or need to be layered on heavily, so you’ll be free to throw it on and head out the door. For a more natural look off-camera, talk with your makeup artist to focus your look around your loose powder foundation.

Use Some Extensions

If you have always envisioned yourself with long locks on your wedding day, this fun and super option may be for you! If you’ve tried growing yours out but don’t think it’ll be as long as you’d like it before your wedding day, don’t feel defeated! Getting hair extensions is an easy way to get the look you want, without having to wait a long time or feel locked into one look by adding hair dye. When your day is done, just have them removed and you’re back to your normal self.


Stock Up on Baby Wipes

Not only will baby wipes help clean off any last-minute makeup additions from your hands and underneath your nails, but it’ll also be a better-smelling way to remove stains from your dress. Once you’ve walked down the aisle and had the big smooch, you’ll be ready to go to the reception. Food and drink will try to get on your perfect white dress, so don’t lose the battle!

If baby wipes are used in a gentle blotting motion on any stains, they’ll remove them quickly. You can just toss them away instead of holding onto a stain remover stick, and then you can jump back on that dance floor as soon as you’d like! Or head to the buffet. Or the bar. Baby wipes can handle anything.

Sometimes accidents happen no matter how much work you put into planning your wedding. You can’t prepare for everything, but you can think ahead and prep yourself with some beauty tips to keep yourself looking just as fabulous as you feel during one of the biggest celebrations of your life.


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