Simple Ways to Keep Your Romance Alive

After some time together, you’re bound to hit a patch in your relationship where you’re both so busy with your daily lives and activities that its easy to take each other for granted.  

Simple actions can make a big impact.  Start in the early stages (pre wedding!) and keep these little traditions going over the years.

Write each other little notes.  Stick a post-it on the fridge, a surprise scrap of paper in their pocket, or write in the mirror fog in the bathroom to say I love you!  This takes 30 seconds tops – but a long lasting effect.

Use your manners.  Say please and thank you, and mean it!  Showing that you are thankful and acknowledging greatfulness has been proven to improve your mood (and even your life span.)

Send sweet text messages.  Think about what may be going on for them that day and send a quick, sweet message of support.  Everybody likes getting a thoughtful text…take a moment to send one to the one you love the most.


Make time for each other.  This doesn’t have to be an elaborate night out, it could be something as simple as watching the stars together.  Making the time to connect is what’s most important.

Remember that no one is a mind reader.  Communicate with your partner.  Don’t assume that they know what you are thinking, feeling, or even the specific item that you want at the grocery store.  😉  If there’s a chance that it will make your lives easier, talk it out.


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