Social Media and Your Wedding – Yes or No?

Creating a hashtag for your wedding events is a great way to collect and view all the photos taken by various wedding guests. (Remember when there was a disposable camera on every table? No more!) You might get some of your best candid shots that way. Be mindful though, that depending on the privacy settings of each person’s account, that anyone can click on that hashtag and see the corresponding photos.


Instagram and Pinterest are great ways to get visually inspired. Setting up shared boards with your bridesmaids, etc. make it easy to find and collect images, tutorials, helpful articles and more. However – consider that overzealous friend or family member that will tag you in every single IG post or pin that they think is “absolutely perfect!” for your wedding. Do you want to spend all that time saying thanks – but no thanks – to everyone and their good intentions?

Our advice is simple, and stands when applied to social media or just general wedding advice. Be clear on what YOU want, and ask for specific help when it’s needed. Assign that well-meaning, pinterest-loving friend to an assignment with clear guidelines and they will be on it immediately. Maybe you’re looking for a specific type of linens, trying to identify a particular type of flower that you’d love in your décor, or need help with the playlist. Whatever it is, just be specific with your needs – and be gracious in accepting what they come up with, even if it doesn’t end up being what you had in mind.


Regarding photo sharing via hashtag, that’s up to you and your preferences. If you’re a more private person, there are free apps available that people can upload their photos to, but keep them private by requiring users to login with a code provided by the bride and groom. You can also politely ask that guests don’t post any photos on social media before you do on the program or with a simple sign in the ceremony area.


People are going to take their own photos at your wedding (hopefully not by jumping in front of your actual photographer), so make the most of it and relive your special day through their eyes by enjoying their photos in whatever way you choose.

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