Spot Hidden Wedding Costs Before the Big Day

Hidden Cost #1 – Dress Alterations 

You’ve found the most gorgeous dress – but it doesn’t fit like a glove.  Those alterations may not come cheap.  Don’t expect the same costs as getting your pants hemmed at the local dry-cleaner; wedding dress alterations are more expensive due to the nature and volume of the fabric.  Getting the sides taken in, cups sewn, the hem, etc. can easily run over $200 to start. Keep these things in mind before you go shopping, and look for figure flattering styles that don’t require a lot of alterations.


Hidden Cost #2 – Postage

Current postage rates stand at $0.47 per item…but dont forget those response card envelopes!  If your invitation is an irregular shape or larger than standard dimensions, expect to pay more to mail every piece.  Choose invitations that fit in your budget, including the postage.


Hidden Cost #3 – Rental Delivery

The perfect farm tables may look amazing, but check that contract!  Delivery fees may be added on to any pieces that you are having brought in.  Negotiate this as part of your contract before committing.


Hidden Cost #4 – Lighting

Outdoor reception sites are a favorite among modern couples.  We love the look of a tent under the stars….but keep in mind that the stars wont be enough to light up your outdoor venue.  Uplighting can be rented from local vendors or sourced online.  Some designs can handle the more casual look of string lights, which are also available for rent or purchase. Either way, keep your lighting in mind as part of your final wedding budget.


Hidden Cost #5 – Vendor Tips

Yes, tip those vendors!  Check your contract, as tips may be built in.  Standard rates vary from service to service.


Hidden Cost #6 – Using Non-Approved Vendors

At times, wedding venues will have preferred vendors that they know, trust, and have pre-existing relationships with and will be happy to provide you with their contat information upon request.  But what if Aunt Sally makes fabulous wedding cakes or you already have a must-hire DJ in mind?  Ask your venue coordinator what their policy is on non-approved vendors.  There may be an additional charge of up to 20% per vendor.  


Hidden Cost #7 – Additional Guests (and don’t forget yourself!)

Having a budget per person is a great thing to keep in mind – just don’t forget about that number when your BFF wants to bring a last-minute date.  Adding additional guests to the list can make your numbers increase exponentially.  The average cost per wedding guest in the Baltimore area is estimated at approximately $250.

Additionally, don’t forget to include the most important guests on your list – yourselves! The bride and groom will still need to eat, have a place to sit, etc.


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