The Best Edible Wedding Favors

Who doesn’t love coffee?  Choose your favorite and his and package up a small bag for your guests to enjoy the next morning.



A black and white cookie is a classic, found at most bakeries and easily packaged up in an individual box. (or a Berger Cookie for your Marylanders!)

black and white


Mmm…donuts.  In sweetly wrapped clear top boxes, this treat can’t be beat!



The ever-popular Macaron can be packed in sets of two or more and are (almost) too pretty to eat.



A flavored oil is inexpensive to make and fill into glass bottles.



We love how these soft pretzels have been shaped into initials!  #givemeallthesoftpretzels 



Homemade Sea Glass Candy can be made at home – perfect for a beach wedding!  

sea glass candy


Spice up your wedding with hot sauce favors for all your guests.



All images via Pinterest

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