The Silhouettes of Wedding Dresses: How to Choose a Dress by Your Body Type

In fact, choosing a dress is the most complicated task as it doesn’t only need to be beautiful but also must fit you perfectly.

We’d like to help you in this difficult task. Let’s consider all possible types of wedding dresses and find out which of them will be the best option for you, taking into account your body type.

Mermaid is the best option for girls who have an hourglass body type. If you have nice curves, why not showcase them? Mermaid’s shape is a slim tapered skirt, which follows the line of the hips and widens at the level of knees. The brides with small hips should avoid this type of dress. There are also fit and flare and trumpet silhouettes. They are similar to mermaid and fit the same types of figure. The only difference between these three types is that mermaid starts to flare at the level of the knees, fit and flare ? just below the hips and trumpet ? in mid-thigh. However, all these notions are frequently used interchangeably.


Mermaid Silhouette:

A-line gown is narrow at the top and gradually widens to the bottom, forming a shape, similar to “A” letter. It is a good variant if you have a pear shape body. It helps to hide fuller hips and, at the same time, balances your proportions. Moreover, this silhouette looks wonderful at all other body types, including plus-sized brides. So, it may be considered to be the universal one.

a line 

A-Line Silhouette:

Sheath or Column dress follows your natural body lines by flowing straight down from the top to the bottom. Such dresses are usually chosen by petite girls, who want to create a more elongated look. This dress can also reveal all the problem areas of your body, so you need to be attentive while choosing sheath gowns.


Sheath Silhouette:

Ball Gown is a dress with a very full skirt and fitted bodice, in which every girl will feel like a princess. It looks wonderful at girls with the boyish figures as the fullness of the skirt makes them look curvier. Pear-shaped figures also look good in ball gowns as the accent is made on waist here and the lower part of the body is hidden. However, petite brides should avoid such a silhouette as they will get lost in it.

ball gown 

Ball Gown Silhouette:

Drop Waist gown starts to flare below your waistline. It looks nice on curvy girls. But if you have a boxy or boyish figure, it’s better to avoid this silhouette. Drop waist also looks bad on petite girls, making their legs look nonexistent. At the same time, brides with long legs have more balanced proportions in such a gown.

drop waist 

Drop Waist Silhouette:

Empire dress has a raised waistline, which is just under the bust. The rest of the dress flows down. Usually, such dresses are made from light fabrics. This dress type suits almost all girls, especially the ones, who want to enhance the bust and hide the hips and belly. Moreover, it’s an ideal variant for pregnant brides.


Empire Silhouette:

So, you already know all the basic wedding dress silhouettes and understand which of them suit your body type. Now, it’s time to practice and see how the dresses suit you in reality. We wish you to find the perfect wedding gown for your special day and be the most beautiful bride in the world!

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Guest Post by Andrew White

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