Trendy Spring Wedding Ideas We Are Already Loving

The post-winter season is an ideal time to have your wedding. Not only will you (hopefully) be walking down the aisle on a warm, sunny day, but you can also incorporate so many of the sights and colors of spring into your wedding’s theme.

The following six wedding ideas were inspired by spring, and might just inspire your big day. Oh, and, even better: they’re all very much on trend for 2017. 

1. Barn Backdrop

A wooden barn is the perfect backdrop for your spring wedding. Obviously, unfinished wooden planks exude a rustic feel, and their natural tan hue will paint the perfect backdrop for a soft, spring-inspired color palette. Oh, and if you’re wanting for more warmth, go simple: white twinkle lights, flickering pillar candles and tea lights… the scene will be simple, romantic and oh so memorable.

2. Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Obviously, you can’t talk about spring without thinking of flowers — it’s the time of year when seeds turn back into beautiful blooms, after all. On top of that, every wedding will likely have some sort of flower bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces involved.

The only downside to flowers is that they can cost big bucks if you go all out. Fortunately, bud vases will be all the rage this season. Instead of filling extra-large vases with dozens of cut flowers, invest instead in a handful of jars per table and put a single flower in each. You’ll cut down on costs and waste less since, less face it, flowers don’t last so long once they’re clipped and arranged into bouquets.

3. Light-Colored Fabrics for the Groom

A traditional, super fancy wedding might call for something a bit more… black tie. But your spring-themed affair can be much more breezy. The best place to make a more casual statement is in the suits you select for the groom and the groomsmen. A lighter gray or tan fabric, for example, would be much more in line with the pastel-heavy color themes that “spring” brings to mind. Oh, and they’ll look great with gauzy, romantic bridesmaids gowns in said pastel hues.


4. Go Playful With Your Gown

Winter weddings might require brides to wear warm sleeves or fur coats. Summer weddings see brides leaving shoulders bare. But spring weddings? The just-right temperature means you can do just about anything you want.

On top of that, the casual nature that comes with a spring-themed wedding means that you can try on something a bit less traditional yourself. Look for design elements inspired by nature, such as fabric flowers, feathers or even embroidered-on leaves. Obviously, you have to be the one to love your dress at the end of the day, but you should also have fun in your search and selection.

5. Say “Yes” to Special Sweets

Have your cake, of course… but mix things up with a few extra sweets on the side. If your wedding color scheme is incorporating the softness and light colors of spring, there’s one particular sweet that makes the perfect treat to eat at the wedding or take home: a fresh spool of cotton candy.

You might also want to take advantage of the warmth by scooping up the good stuff at a gelato bar, or let the fondue fountains flow now that pineapples, strawberries and bananas are in season.

6. Don’t Forget the Invitations!

Finally, there’s only one way to tell the world about your wedding, and it’s with the invitation. The piece of paper that divulges all of the details doesn’t have to be formal, though. In fact, it should show a little bit of your wedding’s theme without giving too much away.

Whether you choose a flower-patterned paper or have a calligrapher play up the romantic-ness of it all with a frilly font, you’ll clue your guests into the fact that you’re in love and in love with the season.

Now, it’s time to celebrate.  




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