Up Your Party Game with #Partyhasher

Partyhasher owner Andrea Sorial was inspired to create this service during her own wedding reception.  Rather than guests being glued to their phones, PartyHasher allows everyone to see posts immediately wherever you choose to display them!  

“I had been to so many weddings with hashtags and people were looking at them on their phone the whole time, and I wanted people to be able to really experience them at my wedding. So our good friend, and developer, created Partyhasher for us as a wedding present. People loved to idea because it was so easy, and our company was born!”

So how does Partyhasher work?

“Partyhasher is a web-based software service that allows event hosts to live-stream their event hashtag to a big screen. For example, let’s pretend you were a bride and your wedding hashtag was #maryandjohn2016. With Partyhasher, all the pictures posted with hashtag #maryandjohn2016 on Instagram beforehand and throughout the evening would be displayed on a screen at your wedding!!! 

It’s easy, just sign up for an account. Choose a screen to hook your laptop up to and Partyhasher handles all the heavy lifting from there!”

Image courtesy of Colleen Stephanian

Andrea and team know the pitfalls that working with sub-par vendors can bring.  “We have first class customer experience.  In my past life, I worked on customer experience programs, and got to see exactly what makes customers happy, and what doesn’t. We have a team that is 100% dedicated to our customers satisfaction and we are available whenever they need us.”

Using this service at a wedding is a no-brainer.  Guests will love seeing their photos displayed as part of the event. “Some of the more fun ones were an outdoor wedding we just did in a tent. Partyhasher was display on the ceiling of the tent right above the dance floor.  It was SUCH a cool experience, and everyone LOVED it.  It was a fun addition to the wedding.  We also did a wedding at the historical society in Philadelphia.  That wedding was so fun because, again, it was on a huge screen.  The bride made a comment to us about how special it was to see pictures of the father/daughter dance being posted as she was dancing the father/daughter dance.  It was something she would remember forever, and made the pictures more meaningful.  That was pretty cool to us.  Also, what is fun, is that a lot of photographers will post sneak peaks to Instagram, with the hashtag during the wedding.  That is fun for everyone since normally you have to wait a long time to see those.  This allows the bride to see the pictures much ahead of time.”


So why choose Partyhasher over others?  

“Partyhasher was born at a wedding. So it is has that at its root, even though we do a bunch of other fun types of events now too.  And most importantly, Partyhasher is customer focused. Other companies won’t give you the time of day.  Or you have to email some customerservice@randomcompany.com to get service.  I give out my personal email and phone number to every customer so that if they have any issues, we can help them right away.  Getting that kind of service is hard with other companies at this price point.”

To create your own Partyhasher event, follow the simple, 3-step process outlined on their website www.partyhasher.com 

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