Ways to Include Your Mother-In-Law in Your Wedding

Imagine your groom as a freckle-faced little boy racing around in the mud, climbing trees, and generally “being a boy”.  That little guy has grown up to take the next steps in life with you, but just as your parents are remembering their little girl, his parents are thinking back to when their son was just a little one too.  Traditionally, most of the wedding planning is done by the bride (though there are plenty of couples who handle things differently) so the planning and prep focuses on including her family.  Don’t forget that your groom’s mother might like to ba a part of things too!  This may be tricky to balance with some relationships, but in the end its all worth it – not just for your wedding, but for the rest of your lives together.  Why not start off on the right foot by keeping your mother-in-law in mind?

A piece of jewelery is a wonderful sentiment.  Something classic, like this diamond pendant, can be worn with virtually everything; other prefer customized handstamped pieces that can be found on Etsy.  By gifting it in a handmade box with a special note, you can make sure that your future mother-in-law knows where your heart lies.


 Sending your mother-in-law down the aisle with a special bouquet just for her is a thoughtful touch, and links her to the bridal party in more ways than one.



 A sweet gift, like this mug, can be given after the wedding as a thank you for being a part of your special day.  Plus – its a daily reminder of what a great daughter-in-law you are!  🙂



If all else fails, go with wine.  Custom labels are an easy DIY project or can be ordered online.


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