Wedding Costs: Destination Weddings Less Expensive?

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is very exciting and should be a fun experience, but with average wedding costs exceeding $20,000 it can also be very expensive. A growing trend for couples is to have a destination wedding, but many still wonder if this is actually a less expensive option.

The answer is: there is no one correct answer. Any wedding, whether home or away, can be as inexpensive or expensive as the couple chooses. But, research has shown that destination wedding costs can be significantly cheaper for the bride and groom (or their parents paying for the wedding).

There is one thing to keep in mind when having a destination wedding: It may end up being significantly cheaper for the bride and groom, but it is much more expensive for those attending. Be nice to your guests and choose a location that provides a group discount.

So, you are still wondering how destination wedding costs can be significantly less than a traditional, near-home wedding. Here are a few reasons:

The number of guests is usually significantly less
Even if the cost per person for the reception is the same at the destination as at home, the significantly smaller number of guests will result in a much lower food and drink bill. Most destination weddings average 50 or fewer guests.


The location becomes the backdrop
(meaning an expensive venue and decorations are not necessary)
For example, when getting married on the beach overlooking the Caribbean, there is no need to spend money on ceremony decorations. The turquoise water and white sand provide an amazingly beautiful backdrop already- for free…

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