Wedding Toast Tips




Your best friend gets engaged and asks you to be in the wedding. Excitedly, you scream “Yes!” and think of how amazing the wedding is going to be. At some point, it hits you that you are supposed to give a wedding toast at the main event.

Most Best Men and Maids of Honor are happy to share how amazing their best friend is, but the thought of giving a real speech in front of a large group of people can be overwhelming. While we can’t give your speech for you, we have put together a few ideas to to get you started writing your speech (and yes, you do want to at least give it some thought prior to the big day!).


Wedding Toast Ideas

  • Stories of what the bride (groom) used to share with you when she first met the groom (bride)
  • Funny stories from when you were growing up
  • How you and the bride met, and how long you have known each other
  • “Appropriately embarrassing” moments
  • and many more…

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