Wedding Venue Trends for 2017

The venue for your wedding is an important aspect that you should consider when planning your wedding. A good venue ensures that you are comfortable and so are your guest. It provides the perfect backdrop for a colorful and memorable wedding for you and your guests. When it comes to choosing a venue for your wedding, there are many options to pick from. They range from garden weddings to official ceremonies by the beach. There are gateway ceremonies as well where couples elope with a few of their friends for the wedding. The options are diverse and it is, therefore, up to the couples to decide what they want and to pick a location that best satisfies their wedding requirements. To those who are looking to get married in 2017, here are a few wedding venue trends that you might be interested in.

The indoor/outdoor combo

A wedding can last the entire day and hosting your guests in one location for this entire time is not ideal. It gets tiring and your guests may end up developing cramps. You can spice things up by picking a venue with allows you to hold your ceremony both indoors and outdoors. This variety keeps things interesting and prevents fatigue. You can recite your vows outdoorsand then take the ceremony inside when it gets chilly. With the weather permitting, you can continue with the event outside whereby you and your loved one get to dance under the stars. Just make sure that your outdoor area has been set up appropriately so as to make the ceremony meaningful 

Natural lighting

The effect of proper lighting to a wedding cannot be underestimated. It is only with proper lighting that your wedding photos will appear great. Proper lighting also makes the place lively and cheerful. Natural light is the best source of light that you can opt for since it gives you and your guest a good glow that makes for beautiful pictures. It is also cheap since you don’t have to pay anything for it. Most indoor wedding venues are, therefore, installing floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights so as to let in as much natural light as possible. The windows also let in a lot of fresh air and this makes the venue airy and breathable.

Lounge areas

Traditional wedding venues have been set up with tables and chairs but in an effort to make the ceremonies more comfortable, planners are now opting for lounge areas. A lounge area features comfortable lounge seats that resemble the setting in most homesThis ensures that your guests are comfortable throughout the entire ceremony without tiring. They are ideal for the pre-dinner cocktail area where your guest can relax as they enjoy the ceremony. Lounge areas also make for great pictures and your guests will enjoy taking ‘likeable’ pictures from them. You may have to pay a little bit extra for this but the fact that your guest will be comfortable makes it worth it.  

Destination weddings

This is one of the wedding trends that has been gaining popularity of late. With friends and family members getting scattered due to work, having a ceremony in your home town may not be ideal. Destination weddings involve getting all your friends and family to an intimate location for the ceremony. When picking a destination for your remote wedding, pick that which is ideal for your guest. This will require some investigation, so make sure you consult your friends and family early in advance. Destination weddings are ideal for small parties since the costs involved can get really high when you involve a lot of people. 

DIY Receptions

More and more couples are looking for flexibility when it comes to their wedding reception venues. Flexible venues allow the couples to style them to their liking and as per their budget limitations. All that the couples have to do is to pay to hire a room for the reception and style the room as they wish. They decide what flowers will be used to decorate the place as well as the color of the fabrics and other decorations. The reception is a crucial part of the wedding ceremony and styling them properly enhances the entire wedding ambiance.  

Written By: Denny Averill

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