Wedding411’s Top 10 of 2015

We try to cover a wide variety of topics on our blog – everything a bride-to-be or engaged couple might be thinking about.  These Top 10 posts definitely reflect that range!  Everything from money saving tips to legos (yes, legos!) is here.  We’ve got blogs from guest posters and Online Exclusives that made the list as well!

Let’s count down the most popular posts of 2015, starting with #10:


#10:  Inexpensive Accents, Big Impact

This blog post showed ideas for decorating large venues on a small budget.  It’s tough to come up with ways to fill an area with lofty ceilings or open air dance floors.  We explained how to use lighting, paper, and even salvaged items to fill those spaces.



#9:  How To Put On a Killer Bachelorette Party on a BUDGET!

One of our guest contributors, DC based Lauren Pencek (@LaurOnTheHill), shared her tips for throwing an awesome bachelorette party that doesn’t break the bank.



#8:  Staying Organized vs. Becoming Bridezilla

Lauren Pencek also got our #8 spot with her tips on staying organized.  Her #5 tip is a free, simple but oh-so-important MUST for starting your wedding day off right!



#7:  The Inn at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

People were definately excited about the unveiling of the new Inn at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club!  Wedding411 hosted a wedding industry networking event in this new space, and it does not dissappoint.  The Inn is now open to the public-to see their venue profile click HERE.



#6:  Social Media and Your Wedding:  Yes or No?

Some people love the idea of creating a wedding hashtag and encouraging their guests to be as photo-happy as possible.  Other prefer privacy during intimate moments!  Our thoughts, tips, and ideas on how to handle it all gracefully were featured on this blog post.



#5:  Getting Married Far From Home

This post featured the 5 W’s of deciding whether or not a destination wedding is right for you.



#4:  DIY Wedding Binder From Femme Fraiche

Blogger Jessica from Femme Fraiche shared her experience creating a DIY wedding binder to stay roganized while planning a friend’s wedding.



#3:  Online Exclusive:  Break It Down!

Everyone wants tips on what songs to play during their ceremony and reception! 



#2:  DIY Photo Confetti

Jessica from Femme Fraiche’s idea for photo confetti was a super fun and thrifty idea to add some quirky personalization to any event!



#1:  Online Exclusive:  “Lego” to the Altar!

Nerds unite!  We love the idea of incorporating your favorite games, books, and fandoms into your wedding.  Whether its a Lego cake topper, a hint of Star Wars with R2-D2 shoes, or a full-on Lord of the Rings event, we’ve got some fun ideas in this blog post.



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