Win Over Your Wedding Guests’ Hearts by Offering These Wines

No matter what your wedding theme, you will be able to find the perfect wine to go with it. It can be a hard decision to make on your own, though; that’s why we’ve gathered the following four tips to help you choose the bottle that’ll knock everyone’s socks off. We’ll drink to that.

1. Start With the Season

In order to start narrowing down your wine search, start by finding wines that are in season at the time of your big day. Of course, some varieties are available year-round, but others tend to go better with certain temperatures.

Take, for example, rosé. It’s all the rage these days and comes in a range of varieties — chilled, slushy, mixer for cocktails — but it’s always served chilled. That’s why rosé might not be the best choice for, say, a winter wonderland wedding.

Wine-based cocktails, on the other hand, can be reworked to match what the weather is doing. Sangria is a prime example: an apple cider-based brew will fit right in at an autumnal affair, while a spiced version of the classic will warm up winter-wedding guests.

2. Try Before You Buy

You wouldn’t let a baker show up with an untested wedding cake, right? The same should go for your wine. Don’t let the venue promise a tasty pour — try it out yourself before giving them the go-ahead.

Wine tasting is a serious art, and for some people even a tad intimidating. However, once you learn how to taste wine and enjoy the experience you will easily be able to appreciate this elegant hobby for what it is! For one, make sure you spit out your gum way before you arrive, as mint can affect the flavor of what you’re sipping. If you don’t want to get tipsy, it’s perfectly acceptable to spit out sips after experiencing the taste. And, if you are going to fully enjoy each sample, make sure you eat beforehand. 

3. Consider the Catering

Everyone knows that certain wines taste best with certain foods… but beyond that, it might be hard to remember how to pair plates and pours.

Thankfully, there are countless online resources on the subject. Here’s a quick guide, though, so you can quickly see which flavors go best with your chosen mains:

– Lean cuts of red meat (like sirloin tip, top round roast, etc.): light or medium-bodied red wine

– Fatty cuts of red meat (filet mignon, New York strip, rib eye, etc.): bold red wines

– Lamb: lighter, more delicate wines for dishes without sauce; bolder wines if the sauce packs a punch

– Poultry and fish: These mains present a bit more of a challenge, since they can be prepared in so many ways. Fortunately, this guide lays out all of the ways you can cook a chicken, the types of sauces and spices you might add and the best wine to go with that.



4. Pad Out the Bar to Suit Everyone

Finally, it’s important to stock up on the right amount of wine so that no one goes without — can you imagine the horror?! The easiest rule of thumb is to imagine that each guest has one drink per hour of the reception.

Let’s say, then, that you have 125 guests on the list for a three-hour reception. That would mean you’d need enough for 375 glasses of wine. Most bottles contain about four glasses, so divide 375 by 4: you would need 93 bottles of wine.

That number sounds wild, and it is. That’s because you have yet to consider your guests who… *gasp*… don’t like wine. Make sure your bar isn’t wine-centric because some people simply don’t like it. The easiest way to divide your alcohol purchasing, then, would be to divide it into thirds: one-third wine, one-third beer and one-third liquor. In that case, the aforementioned 125-guest wedding would need 31 bottles alongside a liquor menu and beers.

Now, Let’s Party

See? It’s not that hard to ensure everyone at your wedding has a good time — and the wine of his or her choice. Now, let’s get back to choosing a venue, DJ and playlist so the party is sure to start on your big day.  

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