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wpengine May 05, 2017

Prepping: Know Your Budget

Especially given all the money that’s spent on weddings, it’s crucial to know exactly what you’re willing to spend on your bachelorette party. A great way to figure out your budget is to use some popular websites to decide what’s in your price range. Even if your party is something as simple as a dinner with friends, websites like LivingSocial and Groupon will show you what car service or group dining will cost in your area. It pays to plan ahead!


Get Your Party On

Depending on what time and hotel you decide to get away with the girls, you could spend a long weekend in New Orleans for just $300. You can stay in the French Quarter and join in with a walking cocktail tour—who can do that in their hometown? Check out your options and don’t forget to pack your walking shoes!


Head for The Hills

Not many people would think of the Grand Canyon as the perfect place for a bachelorette getaway, which is exactly why it’s a great place to go. Without tourist crowds, you and your friends will be able to hike, enjoy a spa day or even take a dip in the hot tub without fighting to get your spots. A long-weekend package with adventure plans included will only run you a couple hundred dollars. It’s a steal if everyone throws some money into the plan.


Hangout at Home

You don’t have to travel to have an amazing bachelorette party. Thankfully, there are some fantastic options to have fun with your girls without ever leaving town. It all depends on what your interests are and how you want to spend your time. Try out these budget friendly bachelorette party options and see if you can’t add your own personal twists.

  • Host a wine tasting by reading up on everything you’ll need and then throw on a good movie.  Really, not much more is needed to make guests happy at the end of the day. Okay, maybe some popcorn too.
  • Paint some pottery in your living room just by buying some local pottery and painting supplies.  What’ll make it even more fun is if everyone learns simple pottery painting techniques together.  Not everyone will be the next Picasso, but everyone will definitely be having fun.
  • Hold a throwback sleepover with your bridesmaids after you plan out some fun activities. This idea will win especially if your bridesmaids are childhood friends.  Decorate the room, make some fun desserts and order a pizza.  In that order.  Don’t question dessert before dinner, just do it.


Stick Around Town

Okay, so you don’t want to leave the city but you also don’t want to be stuck at home all night. Take advantage of what your town has to offer! Some of the options below will probably be nearby, and should be considered as much as any other option if you want a simple way to entertain.

  • Take the girls bowling by renting a lane and maybe a few tables to open presents at.  It may not be the classiest idea, but it’ll be fun, and that’s the whole point, right?
  • Score at some mini golf if you have a local course. The fact that everything is tiny makes it easy to have fun, and you might even be able to race go-karts if some lanes are attached. Full speed ahead!
  • Go lingerie shopping. This one speaks for itself. It’s always better to shop for lingerie when you have your closest friends there to cheer you on (or advise you not to buy something). And your wedding is coming up, so you don’t even need an excuse to go.

Whether you’re staying local with your bachelorette party or traveling with your friends, anything is possible on a budget if you plan enough ahead of time and research all your options. So go ahead and have that night with your bridesmaids, and leave all the stress of planning a wedding behind.

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