Blog PostCake Alternatives: Unique Options Beyond The Traditional Wedding Cake

w411dev June 26, 2019

Many couples are looking for unique ideas to make their wedding even more special and memorable. How about a cake made out of your favorite food!? Steer away from the norm of the cake, but still, keep the tiered shape and let your individuality shine. Read on for some visually unique cake alternatives to the traditional wedding cake.


Fabulous and fresh, a watermelon tower will delight your guests during a spring/summer wedding reception. It’s simple to make and a healthy alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Cut the watermelon and stack in tiers. After stacking, get creative by decorating the tower with other seasonal fruits and flowers. A watermelon tower is a perfect approach to brighten up any day with color and fun. Photo via Pinterest. 

Chocolate Truffles 

A chocolate truffle tower represents love perfectly with its elegance and sophistication. These European delicacies consist of ganache, a chocolate based cream, and are rolled in cocoa powder or coated in solid white, milk, or dark chocolate. So stack them high in the name of love and enjoy your wedding day in style. Photo via Pinterest.


Delight your guests’ taste buds with some deep-fried sweetness; DONUTS. From the fanciest of weddings to the most simplistic, the possibilities are endless in the ways you can display them. Check out Pinterest for inspiration. Donut prices won’t make a dent in your pocket and cost less than a traditional wedding cake, so indulge in an online purchase or stop by your local bakery for a deal. Your guests will make sure there won’t be any leftovers!  Photo courtesy of Story Amour Weddings


A sushi cake you say? This idea may not be everyone’s take on the traditional wedding confection, but it surely shows a new approach. Cover separate tiers of sticky rice with raw fish, avocado, and caviar, or stack your favorite rolls with some ginger and wasabi and enjoy the colors of your Japanese cuisine. If you don’t like the taste of sushi but like the look of it, use candy or modeling fondant icing to re-interpret your design. Don’t forget the chopsticks! Photo via Pinterest. 


This isn’t your normal slice of pie. Surprise your wedding guests by creating the “Ultimate Dish” of hot pizza, fresh from the oven. Any cheese lover will serve this up in an instant. Stack tiers of these delectable pies with your favorite toppings and you’re all set. This mouthwatering delight is perfect to eat after dancing up an appetite on the dance floor, but will most definitely make for an epic “first bite”. Now that’s amore! Photo via Pinterest.

Written By: Kristen Fox