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Beth Kilgore May 6, 2021

Your wedding weekend is all about you, but it’s also a great idea to prioritize your guests and make sure the people around you are having a great experience. While looks aren’t everything, there is something to be said for a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing space, especially during a period of wedding festivities. If you happen to be planning a wedding brunch at home, there are so many ways to make it feel bright and special for you and your guests.

Whether you have a team of friends and family working to help you welcome guests into your home or you’re keeping it low-key with just you and your sweetheart doing the brunt of the work, you have the power to make your brunch celebration chill, fun, and absolutely delicious! Here are a few cleaning tips to get your home ready for company.

1.  Declutter

Before you get down into any deep cleaning, getting rid of the clutter around your entertaining space should be your first priority. Welcoming guests into a clean, neat space is relaxing and feels a bit more sophisticated. You don’t want the whole neighborhood seeing your old mail and used cups all around the house — even if you’re inviting your closest friends, creating a cleaner and more neutral atmosphere can make everything feel a bit more calm.

2.  Wash the Windows

You might be surprised at how effective of a cleaning technique it can be to wash your windows thoroughly. If you want to make a clean, open and bright-feeling space, clean windows can help you let the light in. It might seem like a small thing, but it can make a huge difference.

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3.  Prioritize Fresh Air

If you happen to have a spring or summer wedding, fresh air is your friend! Open up the windows and let the air flow through for a breezy, natural feeling to your event. Stale air can make an event feel dingy and claustrophobic, but a bit of breeze from the outside can change everything. If the weather outside isn’t to your liking — or even if you do open the windows — you can also make sure to clean your air vents so the indoor air is fresh and clear!

4.  Make Space for Coats

This might be a part of the decluttering process, but if it isn’t, you should take separate care to clear out a bit of space for coats, sweaters and bags if your guests need to hang things. Whether you use a closet or one of the bedrooms, a bit of space cleared away intentionally can make your gathering feel a bit less cluttered.

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5.  Use Some Plastic

While sustainability is always a priority, using some plastic or otherwise disposable — or compostable — cutlery, paperware and cups for your serving needs can make the cleanup process much easier when the time comes to the end of the event. Rather than having to wash dishes and pile things up in the sink, you can take out the trash — or the compost — and be done!

Cleaning Tips for Your Brunch

When it comes to your post-wedding brunch, there’s nothing quite like hosting at home. While you want your place to remain warm and inviting, cleaning things up is never a bad idea if you want to wow your guests and have an amazing time together after your special day.

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