Blog PostCoconut Oil Beauty Hacks To Be Wedding Ready

w411dev August 5, 2019

Getting yourself ready for your wedding day doesn’t have to be a tedious and expensive experience, coconut oil is the perfect natural solution to help. It is becoming more and more popular not only as a superfood, but also as a natural beauty product, thanks to its antimicrobial and nutritional properties. Read on for six coconut oil beauty hacks to be wedding ready.

Give Your Smile That Extra Shine

You’ll want your smile to be ‘photo-ready.’ It’s not just the countless photos you will take – you don’t want to hide your magnificent smile at any moment during this happy day. Oil pulling is an ancient Indian method for maintaining oral hygiene, and when done with coconut oil it can also make your teeth whiter and shinier.

All you need to do is take a spoonful of coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for 15 minutes each morning during the days leading to your wedding day. It tastes quite nice, so it’s not hard to get used to oil pulling. Alternatively, you can make a coconut oil toothpaste with a bit of baking soda for extra whitening power.

Golden Ticket To A Good Hair Day

When used as a hair conditioner, coconut oil can do wonders for your hair, especially for people with dry or curly hair. Massage a generous amount into your hair before shampooing to avoid any residue. For an extra nourishing treatment, you can also massage it into your hair in the evening and leave overnight. As an added benefit, coconut oil also helps fight dandruff due to its antifungal properties.

Perfect Natural Lip Balm

If you are suffering from dry and chapped lips, it comes to the rescue again. Just put some coconut oil in a small container. At room temperature, it will be almost solid which is the perfect consistency for a lip balm. Rub a small amount on your lips on a regular basis and they will always be soft and glowing.

Helps Strengthen Eyelashes

Dealing with brittle and weak eyelashes? Apply a bit of pure coconut oil to the roots of your lashes on a daily basis and watch brittleness disappear. For easier application of this coconut oil beatuty hack, you might want to use a clean mascara wand – just a little bit is enough.

Nail Care And Cuticles

One of the details that are easy to forget are our hands. Rubbing a bit of coconut oil around your nails will help keep them nourished. It will also help cuticles heal and prevent new ones from appearing.

Beard Conditioner And Shaving Cream

For those grooms who’d like to keep their beard on their wedding day, coconut oil is a great way to keep it looking beautiful and neat. Applying a bit of coconut oil to your beard daily will prevent split ends, make it look sleeker, and also help prevent any skin irritations.

On the other hand, coconut oil can also help those who’d like to keep their face free of facial hair. It’s a great natural alternative to shaving creams. Apply a generous amount of extra virgin coconut oil to the area you are going to shave instead of shaving cream. You will be smooth and soft like never before!

These six coconut oil beauty hacks are just the tip of the iceberg, for 52+1 other uses of coconut oil (including your pets!) take a look at this great article from Alice’s Kitchen.

Written By: Alice Webster