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w411dev July 2, 2018

It’s easy to fall back on old wedding traditions, but you can also opt for completely new ones too. A cruise wedding gives you an excellent excuse to surround yourself with your tightest circle. This is bound to turn your celebration into an intimate affair that simultaneously has the allure of epicness to it – after all, you are tying the knot on a gargantuan ship as you head to an exotic destination. If you want to say “yes” bathed in a gleaming ocean-bound sunset, below are things you should consider when planning a cruise wedding.

Which Cruise Lines Accommodate Weddings

It is important to do your research and find a cruise line that will accommodate your wedding, because not all of them do! It may be beneficial to speak with the cruise line wedding coordinator, if they have one, or seek assistance from travel agencies who specialize in destination weddings.

Location, Location, Location

When planning your cruise determine the ceremony location. You can have a ceremony on the dock before you sail, at sea on the deck of the ship or in one of its lavish halls. Talk to the captain who will, if you are on the right cruise, be absolutely delighted to organize the ceremony while at sea.

Pre-sail away wedding ceremonies offer a lot of flexibility. If it cannot be executed on board, it can be performed in an establishment close to the docks – which allows you to invite more people to witness the joyous occasion – and then the celebration can be moved to the ship.Another option is to organize a wedding at one of the ships destinations. A lush tropical backdrop and a ceremony on white sands as the azure waves crash nearby is everyone’s dream.

Food Packages

Cruise lines are truly “engineered” to be playgrounds of unadulterated excess. They employ some of the world’s best chefs who are masters of their craft. Every prime-time deluxe cruise line offers a massive spectrum of different food with a variety of tastes and cultural origins. Onboard wedding receptions come in the form of packages that usually include a cocktail party with a four-course meal and wine selection. Ask your desired cruise line about their wedding food packages. Then contact the ship’s main pastry chef to learn your wedding cake/dessert options.

The Time Window

Once you embark on your perfect cruise, you are bound to the journey. Therefore, you need to think about the ideal time window that will contain your wedding ceremony, festivities and vacation. A seven-day package is typically the best one. It is neither too short nor too long and both you and your accompanying entourage will be able to enjoy incredible destinations and party to your heart’s content.

Once the preceding is in line, get ready to embark on this exciting adventure on high seas with your spouse and sail away, quite literally, into the sunset.

Written By: Olivia Jones

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