Blog PostEssentials Every Bride Needs In The Getting-Ready Suite

wpengine December 29, 2017

The morning of your wedding is filled with all kinds of emotions and to-dos. It is important to plan and be prepared for the getting ready process to ensure you and your bridal party are comfortable and happy. While you probably have a list of must-have items that you would never forget, there are a few other essentials every bride needs. We’ve rounded up a list of essentials to bring to your getting-ready suite to ensure the day goes smoothly!

Sewing Kit

The last thing you need is a zipper breaking on your wedding day, but it happens to the best of us. Whether it’s your dress or your bridesmaid’s dress, a broken zipper can seem like the worst thing in the world. However, with a sewing kit in the room, the wardrobe malfunction can be easily fixed in no time!

First-Aid Kit

We hope you don’t have to use a first-aid kit on your wedding day, but anyone in your wedding party could have an accident that requires a band-aid. Bringing along a first-aid kit ensures that any small injuries can be tended to before the ceremony begins.

Bobby Pins

Your hairdresser will likely have a stash of bobby pins, but you should always bring along extra for any hair emergencies that occur after he or she has left. Be sure to bring along the color bobby pin that best matches your hair (they come in black, brunette, blonde, and various shades of red) so they won’t be noticeable in your wedding photos.

Small Snacks

In the midst of a busy day, you may put eating on the back burner, which is not a healthy choice. While you want to plan ahead and order breakfast and lunch to enjoy with your wedding party, having some small healthy snacks in your suite is always a good idea. Take along granola bars or bags of trail mix to keep you and your bridal party satisfied and fueled throughout the day.

Power Strip

This is something that is definitely not on your original “must-haves” list, but it should be! If you’re getting ready with your bridal party in one room, there will be multiple curling irons, hair straighteners, and phone cords that need to be plugged in. While the suite may have enough outlets, you don’t want to take that chance! Bring a few power strips to ensure everyone can get ready together before you walk down the aisle.

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