Blog PostEssentials For Winter Weddings

w411dev December 18, 2017

Winter is a magical season to arrange your wedding celebration. Notwithstanding the beauty of the coldest season, it has its advantages and disadvantages. When you think of a winter party, the first thing that comes to mind is the cold weather, snow or sleet may scrap the ceremony and the guests from having fun. Granted, you can jump on the bandwagon and get married in spring or summer, or summon up courage and set up the most beautiful and unique wedding ceremony. Below are essential to-do’s to make your winter wedding enjoyable, unique, and true to the season.

The season is the theme

Winter doesn’t always mean snow, snowflake, cold and bad weather. This season sets the backdrop for a fairy-tale atmosphere that your guests are sure to remember. With the help of different winter accessories and details, it can turn your ceremony into a dream like ambiance.

Find a unique bouquet of flowers

It goes without the saying that it is not a high season for flowers, but it is a perfect time to find a beautiful alternative. Silk flowers, which seem as alive ones, are always a great idea to shine like a diamond and look incredibly gorgeous on the most important day of your life. Wedding bouquet is tradition that has been around since ancient times. If you are willing to find out more about ancient wedding traditions, you can seek assistance at

Take advantage of the early darkness

This is a tricky season when it gets dark so early. Think of light at your party and take advantage of beautiful light winter wedding decorations. There is a chance to arrange an amazing sparkling photo shooting among the candles, light lamps, or garlands.

Bring the weather indoors

If you are courageous enough to arrange a ceremony outdoors, probably, the main part of the wedding – reception, would occur indoors. The task to find a perfect wedding venue is challenging and not easy at all, because, after you find it, you have to think about its decoration and entertainment. As it is a period of holidays, candles, garlands, and other Christmas elements would be a good choice in favor of holiday decorations for winter themed wedding.

Buy special footwear

When it comes to winter reception, footwear becomes the wedding element of the first importance. What is more, they should be not only beautiful but also warm enough. While the ceremony, the thoughts of a bride and groom must be focused on their feelings and love for each other, thus, think ahead of the shoes of the most important day of your life. It is obvious that the wedding reception will be indoors, and in this case, you should have another shoe option.

Wear warm outfits

Today’s fashion allows brides to create a unique, inexpensive image and get an even better outfit than in summer. With the help of winter wedding dress ideas and white fur coat or waistcoat, the image of the bride would look fantastic.

Order warm beverages

Take care not only of yourself but also of your guests and order warm beverages for the party. Coffee, latte, cappuccino, hot milk with cardamom, and fruit tea are the least you can order to turn your wedding reception into a cozy, nice, friendly, and warm party.

Rent a car or hire a driver

As it is cold, you have to take care of your future spouse and yourself by renting a car for as long as possible. A warm car with a heated passenger compartment is the best option for you to get warm after an outdoor ceremony or photo shooting. P.S.: If you are not willing to spend extra money on longer car renting, you may just minimize the time of travel by choosing wedding venues not far from each other.

If you can be more extreme, get a horse and carriage instead of a luxurious car with a driver. This old-fashioned vehicle will add special vibes to your party and attract all the attention of your guests.

Allow extra travel time

Even if you rent a car for the whole day, a traffic jam may occur at any minute due to the weather conditions. Plan your travel around the city with consideration of extra time not to get late for the ceremony.

Written By: Nicole Lewis