Blog PostFactors To Consider Before Choosing A Wedding Hairstyle

w411dev April 2, 2018

The hair and beauty elements of a wedding day require budgeting consideration, with 44% of brides, along with their parents, contributing to the cost of professional hair-styling for the big day. For many brides, the idea of how they want their hair has been well thought about with little wiggle room for alternative ideas. However, as fashions change and considerations regarding the theme of the wedding and condition of your hair become clearer in the build-up to the day, some flexibility in trying out different styles is a good idea. Whether you ultimately go for a natural look or a more dramatic and defined guise on your wedding day, your hairstyle should make you feel confident and beautiful. Read on for factors to consider before deciding on your wedding hair.
Styles & Products
Sampling different hairstyles is a good way to see what styles suit your face and make-up and is a good opportunity to spend some fun time with your friends and get some opinions about what looks best. For some brides, a very structured up-do might feel best, whereas for others, wearing your hair loose may help to create a contemporary feel.
Depending on the hairstyle that you feel best suits you and the wedding, you may decide that you are able to achieve the look without the help of a professional. In which case, you may still need a few tools to achieve the desired look. For example, the natural, loose look is gorgeous but to get that perfect, frizz-free, wedding-ready finish, use a hair diffuser to enhance your natural curls and waves effortlessly.
Hair Health
In the build-up to the day in question, consider giving your hair a few pampering sessions. A few deep conditioning treatments will go a long way but additionally, adding more vitamin E, such as a serum or even concentrated vitamin E capsules split open and rubbed into the root of the hair. Shiny hair is nourished hair. The antioxidant increases circulation, which stimulates growth.
Your hair offers a great opportunity to accessorize. There are further considerations when choosing your accessories:
1. Make sure the accessory compliments your dress. If the dress is quite simple, that may leave you with more options for making the accessories as big or as subtle as you like.
2. The styling of your hair will also affect your choice of accessory. If you have gone for a very formal and classical look, the addition of pearls and diamonds into a tiara or clip may add further elegance. If you have opted for a more beach babe look, keeping the accessories natural, such as flowers could finish the look off beautifully.
3. Take your hair type into consideration. If your hair is on the finer side, you will want to stay away from heavier metal pieces that might not stay well in your hair or weigh it down.
Hair-styling for the bride should never be a last minute consideration. Taking the time play around with styles will ensure that feeling of knowing you are at your most beautiful come the time you walk up the aisle. Also giving yourself time to build upon your chosen hairstyle by giving it some TLC in the weeks approaching your wedding day and assessing how to accessorize will help create a panic free atmosphere.
Written By: Cassie Steele