Blog PostGlowy Perfection: How To Elevate Your Wedding Makeup

w411dev July 30, 2018

As the big day approaches, and your responsibilities multiply, it feels close to impossible to keep and bring out that inner radiance we all strive to attain. We’re talking about that glistening glow of youth, the flawless skin syndrome – the look of absolute bliss that is so delightfully fleeting. Of course, if you can level up that glow with a touch of shimmering makeup, you can create a stunning wedding look that will dazzle your guests and your future spouse.

Let`s delve into the list of items you can use to achieve this elusive glow of health and vitality.

Start From Scratch: Your Primer

You cannot hope for a strong finish if you don’t find a reliable base for your wedding glow. No amount of lip gloss or eye sheen can replace the complete effect you will be able to create with the help of a glow-giving primer as the key piece in your beauty ensemble! This luminous makeup item will further enhance the shimmering appeal of the rest of your makeup picks, as well as the natural glow of your skin. Since it’s so skin-friendly in terms of application, you can try a variety of different combos with your foundation of choice.

The Twinkle In Your Eye

Silver and gold are the godsends of a perfect wedding palette that craves for some luster. And what better way to show off your love for glow if not with the help of the right eye-shadows that match the elegant iridescence of your wedding dress? Look for microfine shimmering eye-shadow, in a variety of golden and pearly hues. They are very lightweight, low-maintenance, and wedding-perfect in terms of durability.

Glitz Up Your Lips

All it takes is a touch of the right lip gloss to make that “you may kiss the bride” moment just a dab juicier. The way this growing popular trend is taking over the bridal world by storm is with the help of the right lip-nourishing ingredients such as rich oils and vitamins that protect and serve at the same time. Ask your beauty professional which brands they recommend for you.

Pick The Right Highlighters

These handy things are such a great example of a how a little can go a long way in creating the perfect, moist-looking appearance for your bridal look. You don’t need the chiseled cheekbones to be able to create the right glimmering effect with a wedding-ideal highlighter. To avoid the unwanted cake-effect, go for the liquid kind, or those in a stick for easy application and a much more powerful sheen. For a subtler shine, you can mix in the foundation with the highlighter and apply to your desired spots for best results but dabbing some just before you put on your foundation can be another way to go. Also, you can add highlighter, body shimmer or lotion to your collar bones and cleavage for that extra glowy touch.

Written By: Sophia Smith