Blog PostGrooms: Your Role After The Proposal

w411dev July 2, 2018

Congratulations grooms, your proposal was a success! You most likely put in a lot of thought and effort to get to this point, but your involvement isn’t over quite yet. Remember, you and your fiancé are becoming a team!  Following are some things you and your fiancé should go over together and decide what aspects you can take care of solo.  To help you distinguish your role and responsibilities in the planning process and on the wedding day, Imanscape has put together some ideas on what you can assist with.


Your Guest List

How Many and Who Your Groomsmen Will Be

Decide if you and your fiancé want an even number of individuals on your sides. To narrow down your closest friends write them out and see who comes to mind first or choose people that know you and your fiancé best as a couple. A new trend is having 2 groomsmen to 1 bridesmaid or vice versa.

Choosing Your First Dance Song and Wedding Playlist

Groomsmen Fittings and Grooming

Choose when your friends will get fitted for their tux or suits. Find accessories that will enhance their outfit and make their look unique. Also, make your expectations on their personal grooming for the big day known to them- trim beards, clean nails, etc.

Rehearsal Dinner


The most important task which you should take the reins on is planning your honeymoon. While you and your fiancé may decide on the destination together, you can do the researching and booking solo. Plan activities you both can enjoy- spa day, something adventurous, fancy dinner date, etc.


Personal Grooming

Put extra effort into your grooming or beard maintenance and make sure everything’s top notch. You want to look your best!

Make Your New Spouse Feel Special

One idea is to write a heartfelt note and have someone hand-deliver it an hour or so before the ceremony.

Give Your Groomsmen a Thank-You Gift

Propose a Final Toast

This is the time to thank everyone who made your wedding possible. Remember to thank your spouse, caterers, helpful members of the family and even guests who traveled a distance to be there.

While roles and responsibilities will vary between relationships, the above suggestions should give you an overview of how to be involved in the planning process and celebration. Want more information on the above ideas? Check out the detailed article, Grooms Guide To Wedding Planning.

Written By: Wesley Oaks