Blog PostYour Guide To The Ring-Buying Process

w411dev February 25, 2019

So much about how and why we get married has changed, and for the better. People no longer feel the need, all the time, to have a giant wedding. They may have something intimate or even across the globe, choosing to focus on the time together and the people that have gathered in order to make memories. They may dress up—or not—or go ahead and have that giant party.

But while the details of the weddings we often see have changed, what hasn’t changed is that people want to signify their commitment to one another and their love through something that’s visible all the time, and that’s a ring. Rings have stayed current as something that people want — but they too have changed from the standard diamond and gold to something else that represents personality and preferences. What do those choices mean, and what expense might they involve? The graphic below explains it.

With This Ring: Your Guide to the Ring-Buying Process