Blog PostHow to Honeymoon in Niagara Falls

w411dev April 23, 2018

Niagara Falls oozes romance, which is undoubtedly why “The Office” chose that destination for Jim and Pam’s emotional wedding. However, if you have your heart set on a different venue, you can still enjoy the gorgeous falls, the stunning scenery, and the delicious food and drink of Niagara Falls — on your honeymoon.

They don’t call Niagara Falls the Honeymoon Capital of the World for nothing. Couples have been coming to the Niagara region post-nuptials for literal centuries to celebrate their love and revel in the beauty and power of nature. These days, there’s plenty to do around the city and surrounding region. Here’s an ideal couple’s itinerary for a dreamy honeymoon in Niagara Falls.

Day 1: Focus on the Falls

The perfect Niagara Falls honeymoon package will place you in exquisite accommodations right next to the falls, so it makes sense to devote your first day to seeing this world wonder. While Queen Victoria Park offers some excellent, free views, the following attractions inspire awe with their angles.

River cruise. Maid of the Mist and Hornblower Cruises both provide tours up the Niagara River directly below the thundering falls. It’s a thrilling, one-of-a-kind experience — not unlike your recent wedding — that can’t be missed.

Journey Behind the Falls. This tour of the falls, hosted by Niagara Parks, takes you down, down, down into tunnels behind the falling water. The view is magical, and you’ll feel like Lelawala from the native folktale.

Skylon or SkyWheel. There are dozens of ways to get a birds-eye view of the Niagara region, including a helicopter tour, but Skylon Tower and the SkyWheel are affordable and fun.

Day 2: Spend Some Time on Wine

Though Niagara is world renowned for the falls, it is beginning to command quite a bit of attention for its wine. Niagara’s terroir is akin to that of the most prestigious wine-growing regions in the old world, including France and Italy. Thus, vineyards currently growing in Niagara are producing some award-winning vintages.

You and your spouse-to-be should plan to devote at least one day to tasting Niagara’s illustrious wines. You can book spots on a pre-arranged wine tour — which will ferry you from winemaker to winemaker and provide invaluable tasting tips — or you can plot your own route, visiting only the vineyards you are most eager to see.

Day 3: Enjoy Each Other

On the third day of your romantic Niagara honeymoon, you should plan to take it slow. Just outside the busy tourist district of Niagara Falls is a serene, natural landscape ideal for soaking up beauty and love.

You might start with a morning hike through the Niagara Gorge, where you’ll walk past the rushing Whirlpool Rapids. Later, you might pick up picnic fixings and head to Dufferin Islands, a veritable archipelago of manmade islands covered in dense forest and crisscrossed with secluded paths. Finally, you can walk to the Rainbow Bridge to watch the sunset.

Written By: Jackie Roberson