Leads Database of Engaged Couples

A curated list of local, engaged couples who have shared their contact information along with a list of specific products & services they are researching and intend to utilize for their wedding and the events surrounding this special time in their lives. Their profile includes: Name, Wedding Date, Phone, Email, Address, Budget, Number of Guests (Out-Of-Town Guests) and up to 28 specific products & services they anticipate researching/purchasing for their wedding.

  • You enter in the specifics of your ideal customer (i.e. Wedding Date 10/20/2018, looking for a venue that can accommodate up to 300 people).
  • Submit your search.
  • Immediately you will see how many couples in our database fit your search. This information will be provided on a spreadsheet,
  • Or you can create mailing labels with just one more click!

Email Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, a Call Campaign; this database will support your preferred method of marketing; allowing you to proactively reach out to couples in a “must buy” situation with a deadline….their wedding date!