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w411dev November 12, 2019

Weddings include plenty of traditions no matter where you’re from. Some wedding traditions are meant to symbolize peace and prosperity, while others are just for fun. No matter which traditions you want in your wedding, it can’t hurt to add a little luck to your big day.

Don’t worry about traditions adding to your wedding budget. Check out these lucky wedding traditions from around the world that you might be interested in. Whether you want to celebrate your heritage or add something new to your ceremony, you’ll find one that might bring more luck to your big day and your future marriage.

Keep Your Wedding Dress Secret

People around the world often share the same tradition of avoiding each other before their wedding. There’s a vague superstition surrounding it that’s shared by many cultures. It’s why the couple stays in separate places on the night before their wedding and has separate dressing rooms at the venue.

Some couples skip this tradition, preferring instead to have a private dress reveal with just themselves and their photographer called a first look. It’s something that every couple has to consider on their own, but tradition states that keeping your wedding dress a secret until you walk down the aisle guarantees a happier, long-lasting marriage.

Hide the Bride

An old Czech tradition uses hide and seek to enact a good luck tradition. Before the ceremony, the groomsmen hide the bride somewhere in the venue. The groom then has to find the bride quickly before time runs out. It’s a good luck tradition that symbolizes passage into a new life, since the bride leaves her family and is found by her groom.

Pass Down Lucky Coins

In Sweden, brides have long held a tradition that involves coins from their parents. The evening before or the morning of the wedding, the bride’s father gives her a silver coin and the bride’s mother gives her a gold one. She wears each in her wedding shoes as she walks down the aisle, for good luck and prosperity in her marriage.

One way to make this tradition even more special is to use commemorative coins in place of normal ones. Spend time with your parents or parental figures and go over commemorative coins to decide which ones are right to wear on your wedding day. They’ll mean even more when you keep them after your wedding day is finished.

Pinch The Bride

Your family may look forward to your reception dinner or a big slice of your wedding cake, but they can also anticipate a day where they’re free to pinch. Over time, Egyptian women have kept a tradition where brides get pinched by her family members before the ceremony. Each pinch is meant to bring good luck, so if you mention this tradition to your own family, prepare for plenty of pinches.

Think Things Over

Consider adding these lucky wedding traditions to your wedding by thinking things over. See which ones feel the most authentic and go with it. Traditions are a classic way to have more fun on your wedding and potentially bring you a bit more luck.

Written By: Kacey Bradley

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