Blog PostMini Moons – A New Honeymoon Trend

w411dev October 18, 2017

Oh, the honeymoon – the best part of the wedding planning process. This is the couple’s chance to unwind and truly celebrate their marriage without any stress and (hopefully) zero interruptions. While most people consider their honeymoon to be a long trip exploring someplace tropical, honeymoon trends are changing every year to best fit the couple and their lifestyles.

“Mini Moons” are one of those honeymoon trends on the rise and they are very practical for a majority of modern newlywed couples. A mini moon is typically a honeymoon that is closer to home, and definitely less expensive than a traditional honeymoon. This is a perfect opportunity to take an extended weekend getaway without breaking the bank, and while saving up some vacation days at work. Some couples are even doubling the fun by having a mini moon shortly after the wedding and saving the longer, more luxurious honeymoon for later on.

The Planning Process


If a mini moon sounds like the right choice for you and your S.O., how do you start planning? First, figure out the best ways to save! A honeymoon of any variety can be costly, and a mini moon is merely an appetizer to the main course so saving where you can is key!

Aside from booking as early as possible, you should also utilize the wedding registries out there that allow for couples to save on their honeymoon! For example, 57% of couples that use Zola’s wedding registries have registered for honeymoon funds just last year. With a honeymoon fund, guests can contribute any amount they wish towards your trip – who could ask for a better gift?!

Quick tip: be sure to be specific with your cash and honeymoon funds so that your guests know exactly what they’re contributing to. They may also gift you some items that you can use while you’re traveling!


Pick a location that’s nearby. Since you’ve got less time, you want to cut out lengthy flights or car rides. But remember, just because you’re cutting back on time, doesn’t mean you should cut back on fun! Don’t limit your options.


Lastly (and most fun-ly), decide what you want to accomplish. Staying in your hometown? Play tourist! Visit new restaurants and museums, or attend events and do things that you’ve never done before. Here’s a great article by National Geographic that outlines some tips for being a tourist in your own city. Splurge on spa days or different experiences, and don’t forget to let your hotel know you’re on your honeymoon. Maybe they’ll throw in a few extra perks!