Blog PostOutdoor Wedding Games: Entertainment For Your Guests

w411dev January 8, 2019

A solution for entertaining friends and family of all ages during your cocktail hour is outdoor wedding games. offers custom laser engraving of our favorite, high-quality, wood lawn games. You can provide us with your custom wedding monogram or choose from one of our templates, and we engrave your game for your special day. For those wanting to create an entire game area during their wedding festivities, we also offer wedding game packages. These bundles, ranging in size from 2 games to 5 games, allow couples to entertain in style and save without sacrificing on quality or customization. Not sure which game is right for your guests? Below are some tips on our best-selling outdoor wedding games and how to play them.

Giant Tumbling Timbers

Also known as “Giant Jenga”, this stacking game is a crowd pleaser. At each player’s turn, they remove a block from the stack and place it on top without making it all topple over.  As the game goes on, the stack grows higher and higher and can even get up to 4 feet tall! It’s designed for 2 or more players, so even large groups can all play at the same time.  We also offer the game in a raw wood or a stained option to match any wedding décor.

Giant 4 Connect in a Row

Our blown-up version of your favorite tabletop game, is great for guests looking for a game involving strategy and skill. Players take turns dropping their red or blue coins into the slots. The first player to line up 4 coins horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins.


Although it has many names such as “bean bag toss” or “bags”, we call it Cornhole, because it was originally played using bags filled with corn. The official way to play is to have two teams of two stand opposite each other and try to throw their beanbags into the hole on the opposite board. We’ve also seen many a toddler enjoy the game making up a variety of new rules and moves, and it’s equally enjoyable. offers a variety customized cornhole boards to seamlessly blend with any wedding theme or personality.


This lesser known Scandinavian lawn game has recently become a sensation at breweries and hipster gatherings across the country.  Teams of any size stand opposite each other and toss wooden dowels at the other team’s blocks, called kubbs. Although there are a few more rules than this, the goal is to knock down all of the opposing team’s kubbs and then take down the king in the middle. But be forewarned; this outdoor wedding game is addicting and your guests may be clamoring to play it all night.

Visit to learn more about our options for outdoor wedding games and packages. With my wedding in the past and being happily married to my wife now for 8 years, I know it’s not about the activities, or the food or what song you choose as your first dance, it’s about the life you’re starting together and celebrating with those you love. But keeping them entertained with fun lawn games is always a good foot to start out on.

Written By: Kevin Muellerleile, Founder and President of