Blog PostPaw-fect Ways to Include a Pet in your Wedding

w411dev September 20, 2017

Isn’t the very idea of inviting your best friends to celebrate your special day a part of the purpose of the whole shebang? Well, for those among you who have befriended a few furry, fluffy, feathery or otherwise coated companions, the wedding day wouldn’t be complete without their presence.

Luckily for the bride and groom, but perhaps slightly unfortunate for your aunt who holds a grudge against Polly the parrot, you can now set up your once in a lifetime event along with your non-hooman companions. And, they don’t have to just sit quietly in the corner – you can make them an indelible part of the ceremony!

Make it paw-fficial

As you’re sending out your invitations, it’s wise to let your guests know that you’ve chosen to make the wedding pet-friendly. If that means only your pet is invited, then so be it, but you can also encourage a number of guests to take their well-behaved pooches with them if the circumstances allow it. That way, your own pet will have company and won’t get bored when you decide to devote all of your attention to guests and dancing to your favorite tunes.

Keep it comfy

What could be a better opportunity to dress up your fuzzy friend than your own wedding day? However, as ideal, as it may seem, you should make sure that the outfit or any details for your pooch or kitten are cozy enough, allow proper movement, and don’t irritate their skin and fur depending on the weather conditions. It might also be stressful for them to be dressed, so perhaps even let them go commando if that will make them more comfortable and less anxious.

Strike a pawse

All of your “save the date”, pre-wedding and wedding photos can and should include your best bud. Notify the photographer to take your pet into account, and perhaps they will even have some unique ideas as to how to include the pet in funny photos and commemorate your event even better. Sending out invitations with the picture of you, your spouse-to-be, and your pooch is also a wonderful day to make your day all the more pawesome!

Pick a fur-ocious venue

While you’re still in the process of organizing your special day, you’ll need to consider the right wedding reception venues that allow pets on the premises. Fur-tunately for the animal-lovers among you, the recent growing craze around all things pet-friendly has given rise to a whole slew of spots that are open to the idea of including your fuzzy friends in the celebration. If you plan to invite others as well, keep in mind that a fenced yard would be perfect for letting your pooches run while you hoomans dance!

Bon a-pet-treat!

Yes, they deserve their own bar or at least a hefty portion of delicious treats per every guest pooch that arrives! Make note of any dietary requirements if necessary (if you can do that for a hundred or so human guests, what difference does it make for a few four-legged companions?), and make arrangements with your caterer. None of your guests should go home hungry!

Purr-fect roles

Yes, all of us dream of letting our loyal canine play a pivotal role in the ceremony – the ring bearer. However, while this is possible with the most obedient and well-mannered of dogs, perhaps you should make sure that it wouldn’t be a stressful occasion for them, since there will be many people around, and perhaps your pooch might get cold feet. It could be more than enough to keep them by your side when greeting the guests and then letting them observe the ceremony alongside your maid of honor.

Prevent faux-paws

With so many friends and relatives to greet, take pictures with, and have a few romantic dances with your spouse, your pet might feel neglected and in need of attention. You can easily solve this issue by hiring a pet-sitter who will attend your wedding and take care of all your pet’s needs. They will make sure that your cake doesn’t mysteriously disappear all too soon!

Fetching details

Finally, you can include your pet in more than one way. You can introduce a pet-related theme to your wedding and make your love known to all! For instance, a cake topper can include your pup as well as you and your spouse, while details such as flowers, tableware, and messages for each guest can include pawprints, bone-shaped name-cards, thank-you notes, and similar pet-inspired details to make your wedding paw-fect!

Written By: Olivia Jones

Photos via: Olivia Jones