Blog PostHow To Pick The Right Wedding Shoes For You

w411dev September 2, 2017

Is your wedding right around the corner? There is a good chance that you’re already getting the nervous jitters. You’re probably feeling a little anxious, yet eager to get it over with and begin starting a new life with your significant other. Before the big day arrives, you’ll want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. Besides choosing a venue and selecting a dress, you’ll also need to choose the correct pair of shoes. To ensure your big day goes off without a hitch, you’ll want to follow the tips below to ensure you get the best wedding shoes for your individualistic needs.

Choose Two Pairs

While many women will not want to admit it, high heels can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable. Suffice to say, you will not want to wear them for too long. Nevertheless, they look great and they’ll give you a good lift, so you can feel like you’re floating on cloud nine for your wedding day. Just remember that you can always make a wardrobe change after the ceremony has concluded. With this in mind, you should choose two pairs of shoes. One pair should match the wedding dress. You should also have a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear to the after events.

Consider The Venue And Date

Many women believe that it is impossible to make the wrong choice, as long as they like the shoes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is also important to consider your wedding venue and the time of the year the wedding will be held. Obviously, you will not want to wear a pair of beautiful high heels that expose your feet in 20-degree temperatures. Also, it would probably be a bad idea to wear a pair of high heel shoes out onto the beach. With this being said, it is pertinent to make sure you take the venue and date into consideration when selecting your shoes.

The Color

When it comes to color, your options will be plentiful. However, it is generally a good idea to avoid playing around too much. If you stray too far, you may end up choosing a pair of shoes that does not match your dress. You do not want this to happen, as it would create an eyesore. Instead, you should remain conservative. Make sure your shoes match your dress of choice.

If you wish to make a statement, you can always add metallic to the shoe or a little bit of glitter. This will allow you to express yourself, without needing to choose the wrong color.


Another thing to take into consideration is the amount of support the shoe delivers. How much cushioning is found in the shoe? Is the cushioning barely existent? This can create a major problem and it’ll likely leave your feet feeling horrible before the ceremony has ended. Especially if you have a foot problem like plantar fasciitis or flat feet. In these cases, you have to get plantar fasciitis shoes with good arch support or proper shoes for flat feet. The good news is that you can always invest in a pair of inserts to help make the shoes much more comfortable. Try the shoes on and wear them around for a brief period. If you like the way they feel, you’ve taken another step in the right direction.

There Are No Rules To Follow

When it comes to choosing a pair of wedding shoes, there are truly not rules to follow. In the past, women stuck with a rulebook that was very restrictive and limited, forcing them to choose white or silver shoes with/without a heel. In the modern world, women have the option of wearing cowboy boots, tennis shoes, sandals, stilettos and thigh high boots.

Achieving The Perfect Height

It is important to choose the heel height of your wedding shoes very carefully. While this is your special day and you will have the option of choosing your own attire, you should not be selfish. You definitely do not want to scale over your soon-to-be husband by four to five inches. Choose a heel height that puts you on the same level as your partner. It is highly recommended to keep the lady’s height about two to five inches shorter than the man’s height.

Choose Comfort

While you may be tempted to choose a pair of stilettos as your wedding shoes, this may not be your best option. You must remember that your wedding day will be filled with tons of activities, such as posing for pictures and interacting with the attendees. For this reason, may women choose comfort over sexy, since the shoes are hidden underneath the hem of their wedding gown any way.

You can always switch the shoes, before you actually walk down the aisle. Many women will switch from their stilettos to a pair of flip-flops or flats for the reception. It is also important to note the type of flooring you will be walking on. Stilettos and high-heeled shoes do not work well with grass, sand and gravels.

Getting Feedback

Last, but certainly not least, you should chat with your friends. What do they think about the shoes? Make sure they provide you with an honest opinion and be sure to take their advice into consideration. These people wouldn’t lie to you after all! However, you should remember that the choice is yours and yours alone at the end of the day.

Written By: Abby Parker