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wpengine November 17, 2017

Winter wedding photos are some of the most beautiful and breathtaking images, full of snow and gorgeous scenery. However, there is a lot of planning that goes behind every single picture. Winter weddings can be some of the most challenging events to photograph, as the sun starts to set hours earlier from November through March than the rest of the year. When planning your wedding photos, be sure to consult your photographer; they can offer timeline assistance and will know the perfect time of day to take pictures with optimal light.

Research Sunset Time

Learn how to plan your winter wedding photos to keep time and sunlight on your side!

Whether it’s for an engagement shoot or wedding day pictures, you should know the specific time the sun will set in order to plan your photoshoot. You can find out the time of sunrise and sunset for every weekend at SunriseSunset.comThis will help you calculate the “Golden Hour,” a time most photographers choose to take romantic wedding pictures. The “Magic” or “Golden Hour” is the hour just after sunrise and just before sunset, when the lighting is most flattering and glowing.

Ceremony Length And Time

Your ceremony should be the first thing you plan, as everything else will be based on the time it starts and around the time you think it will end. While you may not know precisely how long your ceremony will last, you should be able to get a good idea based on the type of service you choose.

Embrace The Cold

Photo by Natalia Figueredo on Unsplash

Winter weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for outdoor photos by bringing warm shoes and something to cover your arms and shoulders. There are fun, white, waterproof boots that you can embellish; fabulous fur stoles that you can score from local upscale resale shops or maybe nab from your grandmother’s closet. These things will keep you warm and trendy! Try on these accessories before the day of the wedding, to see what looks best for photographs. You want to strike a balance between being comfortable and stylish.

Once you work out all the details and see how spectacular your wedding photographs look, you’ll be happy you spent a little extra time on the planning!

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