Blog PostPortable Razor To Your Rescue: Sayonara Serious Stubble

w411dev January 9, 2019

Have you ever looked down at one of your legs, only to catch a few pesky stray hairs staring back at you that somehow escaped your razor’s path?  That frustration only compounds if it’s your wedding day or honeymoon.

It’s that kind of moment that inspired one entrepreneur to turn a hairy situation into a solution. Don’t let the make-up bag, friendly size of the Sphynx Portable Razor fool you. It is a powerhouse. Sphynx enables you to spritz water, lather up with the attached pre-shave bar and then shave, all by turning the dial on a single gadget to access each part.

Sphynx founder and “SHE-E-O,” Leila Kashani, came from the toy industry.  While delivering a presentation, that she had worked on for weeks for a product launch, and accenting her words with arm movements, she caught one of the buyers staring at her underarms. That’s when it dawned on her that she was overdue for a shave, shares a company spokesperson.

After Leila’s search for a portable, quick-fix for situations like this one came up empty, she set out to create an on-the-go alternative to dry shaving.

 “With a successful career as a marketing and product manager for some of the best known global brands including Nike, Columbia Sportswear and Little Tikes Toys under her belt, Leila had both the perfect background to tackle being an entrepreneur as well as being her own ideal Sphynx Portable Razor customer: a busy woman on-the-go,” according to the company.

The shaving solution, which comes in pink, purple, teal and black, also makes for a functional and fashionable gift for your bridal party.

Sphynx users are encouraged to share their Sphynx-to-the-rescue stories  “One woman told us about how she was  just about to walk down the aisle, but had to run back up to her suite to go over her underarms one last time before she said ‘I do!’”

Sphynx is carried at Ulta locations, The Shops at Canton Crossing and available online at It runs around $15. Refill razors and pre-shave bars are available.

 Written By: Rebecca Klein Scott